Ver Concello

Malpica sabe a mar

The "Malpica sabe a mar" tapas trail is an event to promote the regions hospitality industry, held over the first weekend of autumn.

It is a successful event, especially on those occasions when it coincides withthe first weekend of autumn and the end of the month. "It is great to see such an atmosphere in Malpica at this time of year. It is fantastic," stated one of the participants.

Carballo por Etapas

Calvo tuna, bread from Carballo, locally grown potatoes, etc. The best local produce is on offer on this gastronomic tour. "Carballo por tapas" took place on the 27th - 29th May and 3rd - 5th of June and included 20 bars in the centre of town. For the last four years, the smell of the most wonderful tapas fills the streets of Carballo in springtime. For just 1.50 € you can enjoy the taste of great tapas. But there are also 940 direct prizes to be won with the scratch cards you get with each tapa you buy: hats, t-shirts, tapas, bottles of wine and Vermouth, sets of wine glasses, etc.