A big farm machinery comes back to Mazaricos

A big farm machinery comes back to Mazaricos

The agricultural machinery goes back to the City council. Of this turn will be the 14 and the 15 of July in the multiusos of the Picota. Like this this second edition of the Joint of Agricultural Machinery of Mazaricos (Xumagra) afonda in the tradition agrogandeira of the City council.
Stop the mayor, Juan José Blanco Riveiro "This announcement already is an indispensable event of the year in the City council, the Livestock-farming Week".

The coordinator of the organisation of the event, Benito Martínez affirms that "This second edition is the signal of the consolidation of Xumagra. Mazaricos is a livestock-farming city council, by the that this type of announcements are very important stop the people that devote it this business". Martínez says that "It will come a good quantity of professional companies of the zone and also any of other zones so much in the case of the machinery how of the cars". And it is that the visiting people also will be able to find a new utilitarian thanks to the section of cars of occasion that includes Xumagra.

An external area will be able to contemplated the last models of machines of the main marks. Big tractors  will be had stop the one who wish to bought to facilitate works like collecting the corn or the grass. Besides there will be a pulpeira and churrasco stop the one who want to finish off the day with one small banquet.

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