Artistic and historical group of Cereixo

The Torres de Cereixo date back to the 17th century and one of the first owners was Pedro Calo de Carantoña y Montenegro. The towers are now privately owned. It is a building which is reached by passing through a semi-circular doorway above which is a giant stone coat-of-arms with the M of Montenegro and the symbols of the Novoa, Bermúdez, Castro de Lemos, Soutomaior, Mendoza and Vilamarín families. The three coats-of-arms on the side of the building show the wolfs head of the Moscoso family, the hands of Crantoña, the pines of the Caamaño family and the tower of Guisamonde.

The church is a delightful little Romanesque chapel, built in the 17th century. The highlights of the church include a representation of the arrival by boat of the Apostle Santiago (St James) on the lateral facade, the oldest known representation of this story.