Castro A Cidá de Borneiro

One of the oldest castros in Galicia and the only one on the Costa da Morte to have been fully excavated.

It was inhabited from the 6th to the 1st century B.C.

The site consists of 43 circular or oval constructions within a protective perimeter wall. There is also a barrio beyond the walls which was probably used for smelting metals. The hill to the east of the castro is catalogued as an iron mine.

The inhabitants also lived from agriculture and farming.

Pieced found at the site: iron objects (knives, axes and hoes), bronze objects (jewellery, needles, rings, necklace beads, fragments of situlas), stone pieces (spirals, handmills), glassware (beads) and ceramics (a large range of decorated pieces). They are held in the A Coruña Archaeology Museum.