Eduardo Pondal Home

The birthplace of Pondal was built by his father in 1820, with the savings he collected during his Argentine emigration.The lower floor of the house used to be used as a salt store. In front there was a jetty where sailing boats docked to transport pottery from Buño, wood from Bergantiños, sand from the beaches of A Insua and tiles from the RíasBaixas.

Eduardo Pondal, born in 1835 to a family of high standing, was, along with CurrosEnríquez and Rosalía de Castro, one of the architects of the "Rexurdimento" of Galician literature and the person responsible for the creation of the Celtic myth in Galicia.Pondal forged a cultured literary language with which he extolled the wild nature and landscape of the lands of Bergantiños and Xallas, ever-present in his works.