Ezaro Waterfall

Situated about 700m from the village of Ézaro, next to the Castrelo hydroelectric station. You get to the falls via some wooden steps at the side of the power station, going over the outlet from the turbines, and follow the wooden walkway where you can marvel at the waterfalls of the Xallas River (also known as Ézaro River). The water falls 80 m and creates a deep plunge pool by eroding the rocks below.Fr Martin Sarmiento made the following comment about the river:

"This river runs through the high mountains and as it cannot enter the sea horizontally, it makes a prodigious waterfall as it tumbles into the sea on the slopes of Monte Pindo and before Cabo Fisterra."

The Ézaro River is the only one in Spain and one of only a handful in Europe to fall directly into the sea as a waterfall. Since April 2011, it is possible to see the falls at all times of day or night.

The only timetable in effect is for the illumination of the falls. On Saturdays during the summer (21st June to 21st September) the falls are illuminated from 2300 to 0000h. There are also special events during the year, it is best to consult the illumination schedule.

In winter, if there is been a lot of rain and the reservoir level is very high, they open the sluice gates more than normal and you will be treated to a spectacular view of the falls with double the usual flow.Despite being a relatively short 66 km long, this river is the most utilised in all of Galicia for power generation. There are four dams and five generating stations. So if you want to go see the falls, you can come any time, any day of the year. What is more, it is free!

Also, in summer you can enjoy the "Fervenza en Kayak" (Falls by Kayak). For only seven euros, a guide will take you to explore the Ézaro rivermouth at the foot of Monte Pindo and you will get a front seat view of the waterfalls cascading 40m down into the sea. The price includes the kayak (single or double), lifevest and paddle.There are also toilets and showers.