Hórreo (Grainstore) de Carnota

This massive hórreo is one of Carnotas best known attractions.

Recognised as a National Monument, it is the largest hórreo in Galicia of the "Fisterrán" style.

It was first built in 1768 but it was in 1783 when it was extended with a further 11 pairs of columns added. It is 34 metres long and 1.9 metres wide. It is an extended rectangle with the insides closed by horizontal stones with spaces between them to allow ventilation and has 22 pairs of column supports. On one side there are three access doors and baroque style pinnacles. Theyare crowned by crosses on stone globes.

It forms part of an architecture and history site of great beauty and importance, together with the vicarage, the dovecote and the church of Santa Comba.