Interview with Clarisa Couto, Councillor for Culture and Tourism, Sports and Social Services of Coristanco

Interview with Clarisa Couto, Councillor for Culture and Tourism, Sports and Social Services of Coristanco

We continue with the interviews to the town councils with the town council of Coristanco. The municipality of Coristanco is located in the west of Galicia and the province of A Coruña. It is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Ponteceso and Carballo, to the east by the municipalities of Carballo and Tordoia, to the south by the municipality of Santa Comba, and to the west by the municipalities of Zas and Cabana.

Today we show you the council from the point of view of Clarisa Couto Castro, Councillor for Culture and Tourism, Sports and Social Services. We leave you the best answers: 

What feelings does Costa da Morte awake for you? What does it mean for you?

Coastal region linked to legends and traditions, lots of magic and charming places, green landscapes and corners to discover.

Three reasons to discover it

  • Culture and tradition
  • Gastronomy
  • Landscape

What time of the year do you like Costa da Morte the most and why?

Every season has its charm, because of the vegetation and the coastline, any time of the year is good to appreciate the different seasons.

For the tourists who come to visit you outside the summer season, what experiences are not to be missed?

The optimism of spring, the scenery of autumn and the nostalgia of Christmas despite the harshness of the weather. 

In addition to the Refugio de Verdes, what other places or experiences are not to be missed?

The trails and natural sites around the council, Ponte Lubiáns and Pontedona, the Alcaián Lagoon, the towers of Nogueira, the mountains of Penavia and the megalithic complex of the muddy ground.

Galicia in general, and Costa da Morte in particular, are synonymous with good food, any recommendations of typical dishes to discover Coristanco through the palate?

Cocido (stew), game and any food with potatoes are dishes that can be tasted in our town due to the good quality of the product.

What do the people who visit you tell you? What do they like most about their stay in Coristanco? And about Costa da Morte?

The intensity of the green vegetation and the tranquillity and peace of the corners of the Costa da Morte. 

Your three favourite beaches in Costa da Morte? Why those? And for lovers of surfing and other nautical-sports activities?

Razo, Baldaio and Beo. Without a doubt the favourite for surfing activities would be Razo in the municipality of Carballo. 

For hiking lovers? Which one do you recommend in your municipality and which is your favourite in Costa da Morte?

In our municipality we have 3 marked routes in Seavia, Hueca and Verdes where you can observe the vegetation and the rivers of the municipality and the tranquillity of what we talked about before. Outside the town hall without a doubt the Route of the Lighthouses.

What place do you think is the unknown grain in Costa da Morte but has a great interest or potential?

The mountains of Penavia and the lagoon of Alcaián.

Where do you find the best sunset?

From the Church of Hueca pointing our view towards Xaviña, from Fisterra, the beach of Los Cristales in Laxe seem to me the most beautiful.

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