Laxe Lighthouse

Laxe Lighthouse

This 11 metre tall construction is located at the end of CaboLaxe, on a hill about 50 metres above sea level, which shelters the town and the port from the prevailing winds, in a privileged natural environment.

The current lighting installation dates back to 1996 and it is an Acrylic Swivel Beacon, equipped with incandescent lamps connected to the electric grid. The light is of the 5 flashes per 20 seconds category.

In the nearby waters, the Praia de Arnela, a boat from Corme was returning to port one day in 1972 when it was dragged onto the rocks of Punta da Insua and only two members of crew survived.

The name "Costa da Morte" covers a large region of the Galician coast between the rías of Muros and Noia to that of A Coruña. The curious place name is thought by some historians to have been given to the area by the Greeks to define the place where the sun disappeared each day into the sea to enter the land of the dead until the next morning.