MACCMO: Museo de Arte Contemporánea Costa da Morte

 MACCMO: Museo de Arte Contemporánea Costa da Morte

When Julio Pujales, a painter from A Coruña, died suddenly at the age of 58, his wife, Cristina Torre Cervigón, also from A Coruña, decided to create a Foundation to make his artistic legacy known and to spread his work. This is how the Torre Foundation was born. -Pujales, germ of the Museum of Corme.

The Foundation was born with the intention not only to publicize his work but also to award scholarships to creation and be a cultural epicenter for the entire Costa da Morte, creating a cultural meeting point that, starting from Corme and in collaboration with the entire Costa of Death serves to improve the quality of tourism and project it culturally in the world.

More than 50 scholarship holders, renowned plastic artists and established trajectories of different nationalities have already passed through Corme: France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, the USA, Argentina, Brazil, etc. Scholarship artists in the Corme studio flat become the best ambassadors of the Costa da Morte once they finish their residency scholarship and return to their home countries.

The Torre-Pujales Foundation is an organization of a foundational, non-profit nature. It is declared of cultural interest, of national scope and of Galician cultural interest.