Mostra do Encaixe (Lace Fashion Show)

Mostra do Encaixe (Lace Fashion Show)

Every Easter since 1981, Her Royal Highness Queen Sophia has presided over the "Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas" (The Camariñas Lace Fashion Show). The event has become an internationally renowned cultural and commercial success and has been declared an Event of Tourist Interest in Galicia.

The event has managed to boost the lace making trade by promoting the use of Camariñas Lace for not only traditional, domestic uses but also as a material for use in the fashion industry. It has long been the catwalk shows by the Grandes Deseñadores (Famous Designers) and the Concurso de Noveis Diseñadores (Young Designers Competition) that have showcased this material.

Among the things that visitors to the exhibition hall can enjoy are the displays, live demonstrations of the techniques and stalls selling lace products from various places around the world.

There are also displays of other artisan crafts which employ Camariñas lace in their manufacture. But without doubt, the stars of this well-known event are the Escolas Infantís de Palillo (lace weaving schools for children), who give daily demonstrations of their art. The last edition of the Mostra do Encaixe was held in Camariñas from the 12th to the 16th of April, 2017.


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