O Mosquetín Waterwheels and fulling Mills

Since 1998 these building have been owned by the provincial council having previously belonged to the villagers of O Mosquetín. There are two long buildings. The one closest to the river has three rooms and hosts four mills. The other also has three rooms and holds the three fulling mills and three waterwheels. This is a wonderful example of tradition engineering, taking advantage of the power of the water. The water is channelled to the waterwheels and powers three millstones and the fulling mills.

The fulling mills were used to full (thicken) woollen fabrics to strengthen, thicken and waterproof the fibres (felting). This was done by wetting the fabric and beating it for a good length of time.

The age of this site is unknown but it is mentioned in the survey of Ensenada in 1753, a description of the Kingdom of Galicia and the Memoirs of Juan Antonio Posse.