Ultra Trail "Costa da Morte " 2018

Ultra Trail "Costa da Morte " 2018

The Ultra Trail Costa da Morte is a proof of trail running of long distance divided in 7 stages. Ultras There is a lot of and want to do something totally different. From it does a time exist the proofs by stages. It does years were born the mythical Marathon give Sabres, Transalpine Run and others. His costs and logistical dismay, in a lot of cases, to the participation.

We understand that the Costa da Morte is a privileged place to celebrate an event of these characteristics and is thus that ship us in this project. We want that disfruteis of this sport that so much is mad about us without neglecting in any moment the services that has to to have an event of east calibrate. For this present two packages according to your needs. What himself will be important will be to participate of the dinners of each stage. In them it will celebrate the briefing of each stage, will show images of each day and, the most important, will know us between all and will share unforgettable moments. Of vital importance will be the one who the organisation receive feedback daily of you, the protagonists. All improvement that contribute value to the event will be taken into account for his immediate or back analysis.

They will be 7 stages with difficulty, feelings and different landscapes. It will be all an experience that will be able to enjoy of individual way or in teams of 2 people. It will be also an adventure where your family can accompany you. Where will be able to give back the effort that it beings wanted do while you prepare a proof or salts to compete. The route will join existent routes that vertebran the Costa da Morte. Forest tracks, footpaths, mountains, beaches, aldeas and sailor villages conform an attractive route for everything sporty lover of the nature.

Trailer Ultra Trail Costa da Morte 2018 from Ultra Trail Costa da Morte on Vimeo.

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