Vilán Lighthouse and Museum

Strategically located on the Costa da Morte, some 5 km from Camariñas, the lighthouse is built on CaboVilán. The lighthouse is of great importance for those sailing this dangerous coast.

The ruins of the original lighthouse, built in 1854, can still be seen on the cape. It was a fourth-order lighthouse, fuelled by oil and with a range of 10 nautical miles, but was not tall enough to bypass the tallest rocks on the cape, which produced a dangerous area of darkness in the place where rocky shallows are located. They blew up the rocks and increased the height of the tower but still could not solve the problem of the blind-spot. The tragedy of the Serpent in 1890, and that of other wrecked ships, brought the problem of poor lighting to the attention of the Spanish authorities and thus, in 1896, the new lighthouse was inaugurated, the first in Spain to operate on electric power.

The museum, located in the Vilán Lighthouse, provides information on the history of the wrecks and the lighthouses of the Costa da Morte through video projections, real pieces, photographs and panels with viewfinders, and ends with a simulation of a trip through the interior of the lighthouse tower.



Special Saint Week: 11:00h ? 21:00h
Summer (of 15 July to 15 September): 11:00h ? 21:00h
Rest of the year: 11:00 ? 14:00 / 15:30 ? 20:00 (enclosed Monday and Tuesday)
CLOSED of 20 December to 5 January