How to be a partner

According to ORGANIC LAW 1/2002, of March 22nd, that regulates the Right of Association, will be able to be part of CMAT the councils and those legal persons, whose scope of application covers the entire region, that have presence in majority of the territory councils, and that have interest in the development of Association purposes.

The application of admission must be made by writing, directly to the president, manifesting the will to adhere to the association and the commitment to the achievement of statutory purposes. It´s neccesary to attach an agreement with the competent organ of the entity, that express the will to be associated and the person that will represent in the association. The application will move to the Board of Directors, that will resolve in a no upper than two months from his reception. The Board of Directors will be able to request the documentation estimateresolution of the admission. 




If it wishes to form part of the CMAT, please, contact with us through the following link: