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Discover the Best Plans for the Saint John

Discover the Best Plans for the Saint John


The Costa da Morte is a magical destination all year round, but let's be honest. The Saint John's Eve in Galicia is the most magical of all! During this time, we celebrate that the days are eternal and the night is special. It is the day to kick the witches out and welcome the summer. That's why, if you are planning to be on the Costa da Morte during these dates, we leave you a list with the best plans for the Saint John's Eve 2024 on the Costa da Morte. Fire!

Event on light pollution on the Costa da Morte

CMAT warns of the need to raise awareness of the challenges of light pollution on the Costa da Morte

CABANA DE BERGANTIÑOS, 13/06/2024. Costa da Morte Tourist Association (CMAT) has organised, with the collaboration of the Cabana de Bergantiños Town Council and the co-financing of the Provincial Council of A Coruña and CMAT itself through the aids to tourist management bodies in the province, an information day to raise awareness among mayors, technical staff and businessmen of the Costa da Morte about the problem of light pollution.

Xornada sobre Contaminación Luminosa en Dombate

The Costa da Morte Tourism Association organises a conference on light pollution in Dombate.


ZAS, 03/06/2024. The Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT) is organising, with the collaboration of the Cabana de Bergantiños Town Council and the support of the Deputación of A Coruña, an information day to raise awareness of the problem of light pollution. The event will be held between 19:30 and 21:00 on Wednesday 12 June at the Dombate Dolmen Interpretation Centre in Cabana de Bergantiños.

Turism Quality ICTES Costa da Morte

Costa da Morte, protagonist at the ICTES awards ceremony of Quality and Sustainability in Tourism in Galicia


MUXÍA, 31/05/2024. This Friday the Parador Costa da Morte in Muxía hosted the presentation of the "Q" for Tourism Quality and "S" for Tourism Sustainability awards from the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality and Sustainability (ICTES), which recognise the quality and sustainability of tourist establishments. This event, organised by Turismo de Galicia, was attended by representatives of the tourism associations of the Costa da Morte, CMAT and APTCM.

Foto do Mes in Costa da Morte

CMAT invites people to share their memories of the Costa da Morte with the #FotoDoMes initiative.

The Costa da Morte Tourist Association (CMAT) is promoting the #FotoDoMes initiative through its Instagram account. In this way, people who use this social network are invited to share their memories in any corner of the Costa da Morte.

May, month of Galician Literature on the Costa da Morte

May, month of Galician Literature on the Costa da Morte

As every year, the 17th of May is the Day of the Letras Galegas. This year the day is dedicated to the writer Luísa Villalta (1957-2004) from A Coruña. On the occasion of this important celebration for Galician culture, the town councils of the Costa da Morte are organising a large number of activities and events of a recreational and cultural nature.

Best places in Costa da Morte for stargazing

Best places in Costa da Morte for stargazing

The Costa da Morte, in addition to being a naturally wild sea and land paradise, is also a privileged place when we raise our heads towards the night sky.

A Costa da Morte is a Starlight Tourism Destination and this means that, within our 17 municipalities, there are many places where low light pollution allows an unique observation of the night sky. Can you imagine being able to see the center of the Milky Way while the waves break strongly in the sea?

Best Plans Easter 2024 in Costa da Morte

Best Plans for Easter 2024 in Costa da Morte


Are you looking for plans for this 2024 Easter in Costa da Morte? Here you have! A complete list of activities to enjoy and make your visit unforgettable!

An ideal option to enjoy our land is also to do it near our water. Both on the coast and in our inland municipalities, there are many ideal routes and walks. Although we recommend every corner of our 17 municipalities, we are going to recommend an amazing spot of each one of them:

Presentation of SICTED Costa da Morte diplomas

Thirty-five entities of the Costa da Morte receive the SICTED Tourist Quality distinction in Baio


ZAS, 22/03/2024. The 35 entities recognised with the distinction of the Costa da Morte Integrated Tourism Quality System in Destination took part in the SICTED diploma award ceremony organised by the CMAT and held in the sociocultural centre of Baio (Zas) on Thursday 21st March.

Cee 7th International Starlight Meeting

The town of Cee will host the 7th International Starlight Meeting in October 2024


ZAS, 18/03/2024. The Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT), after receiving last February the resolution of the Starlight Foundation indicating selection of Costa da Morte as the venue for the VII International Starlight Meeting, opened a period of candidacy to all the municipalities to apply for the physical location of the congress.

General Assembly CMAT

Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT) celebrates its General Assembly with major milestones for the year 2024


The councils of Costa da Morte and APTCM row together towards a 2024 full of activities to promote tourism in the territory.

The Assembly approves the accounts of the previous year and focuses its efforts on the major events of 2024, such as the VII International Starlight Meeting

VII International Starlight Meeting

Costa da Morte will host in October the next VII International Starlight Meeting


Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT) presented its candidacy in January, marking a historic milestone by applying for the first time as the host of this prestigious event

The International Starlight Meeting, in its VII edition, will coincide with the II International Starlight Conference, which takes place every 3 years

Costa da Morte is showcased at FITUR 2024

Costa da Morte is showcased at FITUR 2024 as an appealing destination to visit at any time of the year


The President of CMAT, Manuel Muíño, presented the video 'Costa da Morte, Starlight Tourist Destination' at the Galicia Tourism stand, inviting visitors to explore and discover a "unique territory."

CMAT will present at FITUR the promotional video "Costa da Morte, Starlight Tourist Destination".

Costa da Morte Tourist Association will present the promotional video


The president of the CMAT, Manuel Muíño, will collect tomorrow, Thursday 25th January 2024, the SICTED award as a certified destination.

ZAS. 24/01/2024. Costa da Morte will once again have a prominent presence at FITUR, the international tourism event being held in Madrid from today, 24 January, until next Sunday, 28 January. Tomorrow, Thursday 25th January, the president of the CMAT, Manuel Muíño, will be in charge of collecting the SICTED Award, which recognises the Costa da Morte as a certified destination. Next Friday, the presentation of the promotional video Costa da Morte, Starlight Tourist Destination is scheduled.

SICTED Costa da Morte Certification

The Costa da Morte Quality Committee met to propose the SICTED certification of a total of 34 establishments in the destination


The proposal of the companies and services that passed Cycle 1 of implementation will be sent to the Committee of Distinction in Madrid, in order to achieve the SICTED distinction.

This year, rural accommodation, hotels, tourist flats, hostels, active tourism companies, tourist information offices, museums, interpretation centres and a spa were certified, with the intention of opening the next call to these and other subsectors.

The CMAT launches the #CostaDaMorteEnFamilia campaign to promote the deseasonalisation of tourism and encourage family visits in autumn and winter.

The CMAT launches the #CostaDaMorteEnFamilia campaign to promote the deseasonalisation of tourism and encourage family visits in autumn and winter.


The blogger @uxiaviaxeiragarcia will tour the destination this weekend, along with her family, and they will soon share the experience on their social networks, with some 17,000 followers.

October 2023 begins and the Costa da Morte Tourist Association (CMAT) launches the campaign #CostaDaMorteEnFamilia, an initiative that aims to deseasonalise tourism and encourage and promote visits to the destination by groups and families on #weekends or bank holidays, during the autumn and winter months.

 CMAT participates in the Principality of Asturias in a Day of exchange of Good Practices in Rural Tourism, Astrotourism and Tourism Quality to improve competitiveness.

CMAT participates in the Principality of Asturias in a Day of exchange of Good Practices in Rural Tourism, Astrotourism and Tourism Quality to improve competitiveness.


A delegation of the Costa da Morte Tourist Association learns about the experience of the Asturian Rural Tourism associations, the projects around astro-tourism and the model developed by Gijón around the Tourist Quality.

The Association of Tourism Professionals of the Costa da Morte (APTCM) presents in Santiago de Compostela its gastronomic campaign "Months with R, a safe bet".

The Association of Tourism Professionals of the Costa da Morte (APTCM) presents in Santiago de Compostela its gastronomic campaign "Months with R, a safe bet".


18 establishments on the Costa da Morte will offer menus and dishes based on local zero-kilometre gastronomy, which can be enjoyed during the weekends from October to December.

The official presentation event of the campaign took place in the kitchen classroom of the Comprado de Abastos, with a showcooking by the chef Braulio García from the Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia.

The CMAT encourages the private tourism sector to submit its candidacy to host the 3rd Costa da Morte Tourism Meeting until September 30th.

The CMAT encourages the private tourism sector to submit its candidacy to host the 3rd Costa da Morte Tourism Meeting until September 30th.


On 28 November 2023, what will be the III Costa da Morte Tourism Meeting will be held in the territory, an event organised by CMAT with the co-financing of Turismo de Galicia and with the support of the Diputación de A Coruña.

ATLANTIC_SUNSET will promote sunset as an alternative economic resource to traditional tourism.

ATLANTIC_SUNSET will promote sunset as an alternative economic resource to traditional tourism.


USC professors Ángel Miramontes, Jorge Mira and Rubén Lois coordinate this project that seeks to "take advantage not only of the natural beauty associated with the best and most particular sunsets in the Atlantic but also to identify and value the local endogenous resources associated with the sun".

Costa da Morte adheres to the Tourist Quality System in Destination with a total of 46 companies and tourist services.

Costa da Morte adheres to the Tourist Quality System in Destination with a total of 46 companies and tourist services.

The participating tourism services will receive training and advice on tourism management and quality over the next few years.

Vimianzo hosts the presentation and the first trainings of SICTED Costa da Morte.

The application period for companies and tourist services to join the Costa da Morte SICTED is now open

The application period for companies and tourist services to join the Costa da Morte SICTED is now open

The Tourism Quality System in Destination, more popularly known as SICTED, is a project of the State Secretariat for Tourism (SETUR), which has its own methodology that contributes to implementing a quality management system in tourist destinations, taking into account the different local tourism agents, both public and private. The member destinations and the companies and entities that meet the requirements obtain the "Tourism Quality Commitment" badge, which accredits the participants and recognises their efforts and commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

La CMAT lanza una nueva campaña de Turismo De Megalitismo para promocionar la magia de nuestros antepasados

La CMAT lanza una nueva campaña de Turismo De Megalitismo para promocionar la magia de nuestros antepasados

Gracias a la cofinanciación entre CMAT y la Xunta de Galicia a través de un convenio con Turismo de Galicia, se promueve la campaña de Megalitismo Costa da Morte, bajo el claim “La magia de nuestros antepasados”.

CMAT will deliver the report to apply for

CMAT will deliver the report to apply for

Costa da Morte Tourism Association collaborates with the conference to be held next week in the City Council of Cabana de Bergantiños on the conservation of the skies at night and in which the Starlight Foundation and the Galician Starlight destinations: A Veiga, Islas Atlánticas National Park and the City Council of Muras participate.

CMAT launches a training plan to "improve the management and promotion of tourism services on the Costa da Morte".

CMAT launches a training plan to "improve the management and promotion of tourism services on the Costa da Morte".

Costa da Morte Tourist Association organizes in February a program funded by the Deputation of A Coruña, to train unemployed people in cooking, catering and accommodation to meet the needs of staff in the sector.

CMAT is present at Fitur

CMAT is present at Fitur

Fitur is the International Tourism Trade Fair to be held in Madrid from January 19th to 23th, 2022.

Fitur is the first annual event for global tourism professionals and the leading fair for inbound and outbound Iberoamerican markets. A unique forum to promote brands, present new products, learn about the latest trends and fill the agendas of contacts and prospects.


Costa da Morte works to achieve Starlight certification

On Friday 19th November, a technical conference was held at the Casa de la Cultura in Vimianzo to explain the implementation, by the Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT), of a project that will promote this territory as a Starlight Destination and will highlight its suitability for enjoying astro-tourism experiences.


Public administrations and private initiative are conspiring in Muxía to turn Costa da Morte into a reference tourist destination

The Parador Costa da Morte hosted yesterday afternoon the Costa da Morte Tourism Meeting, where city councils, Diputación da Coruña, Xunta and tourism companies discussed the potential of the area as a geodestination and opted for collaboration in the field of tourism.


Costa da Morte Tourist Association (CMAT) invites five professional bloggers to live the experience of the Camino Fisterra and Muxía to make it known on their social networks and in their travel blogs

Bo Saldaña, Leticia Pérez, Eva Abal, Dani Keral and Alberto Ribas will leave Compostela on September 13th to travel the Xacobeo Route that leads to Costa da Morte, where they will spend the weekend showing the heritage and nature of the destination.


Escapalandia, the first family of the #CostaDaMorteEnFamilia campaign

Escapalandia has launched the #CostaDaMorteEnGalicia campaign, promoted by CMAT with funding from the Diputación de A Coruña. This campaign is organised by Eva Abal and Dani Keral, two professional travel bloggers, whose aim is to raise awareness of the Costa da Morte as a family destination, above all, to motivate Galician families to visit the different municipalities to discover their heritage, natural and cultural diversity.

cmat promotes costa da morte

CMAT coordinates a campaign to promote the Camino Fisterra - Muxía as it passes through the Costa da Morte

On July 30, a meeting took place to coordinate a new promotional campaign for Costa da Morte. The meeting was attended by: Silvia Bouzas (member of the CMAT board), Marta Rodríguez (CMAT technical secretariat), Alberto Rivas (blogger Alvientooo and organizer of the activity), Raúl Lorenzo (photographer and filmmaker) and ingenyus* (service Communication).


CMAT promotes an activity to publicize Costa da Morte as a family destination

Co-financed by the Deputation of Coruña and thanks to the aid for management entities of the geodestinations of the province of A Coruña, the CMAT promotes the Costa Da Morte Familiar campaign.

The objective of this campaign is to publicize Costa da Morte as a family destination and, above all, to motivate Galician families to visit the different town halls to discover their heritage, natural and cultural diversity.


CMAT approves the composition of the new board of directors for the next two years


The Mayor of Vimianzo, Dª Mónica Rodríguez, will lead the management team for the next two years, assuming the Presidency of the tourism management body of Costa da Morte.



The complete experience of Alvientooo on the Costa da Morte, now available on your blog


You can already read in the Alvientooo blog -and in the links that we share below- the summary of the trip that he made a few days ago through the Costa da Morte as part of the activities scheduled for 2020 by the CMAT as the managing entity of the Costa da geodestination Death. This project was carried out thanks to the agreement signed with Turismo de Galicia to promote tourist destinations.


50 routes to walk the Costa da Morte for all tastes


As part of the activities designed to enhance the natural resources of the Costa da Morte, and with it, the Naturally Wild character of the territory, the CMAT is working on the collection of hiking trails in the 16 municipalities that make up the geodestination. It counts for such work with the collaboration of the consultancy specialized in tourism Autoxiro, that is carrying out the tasks of selection of the routes, description and graphic documentation of each one of them.


A new look at the professionals who give life to the Costa da Morte thanks to Raul Lorenzo


The photographer and audiovisual producer of the Costa da Morte, Raul Lorenzo, is immersed in an interesting project to "face" hoteliers and other workers linked to the world of tourism in the geodestiny Costa da Morte. During these weeks, Lorenzo is touring the establishments that are part of the association Professional Association of the Tourism Sector of the Costa da Morte (APTCM) to portray and interview them "in their midst." The aim of the initiative is to focus on the people who make up the business fabric of the 16 municipalities that make up the CMAT.


Travel blogger Alberto Ribas begins his journey along the Costa da Morte


As part of the activities scheduled by the managing body of the geodesic Costa da Morte CMAT in 2020, carried out thanks to the agreement with Turismo de Galicia dedicated to the promotion of geodestinations, a tourism promotion project was initiated through the eyes of professional bloggers. More specifically, it will feature the participation of professional travel blogger Alberto Ribas, behind the Alvientooo project.


The scholarships of the Foundation Torre - Pujales for plastic artists are a fundamental element in the cultural diffusion of the Costa da Morte


The Foundation Torre - Pujales, a non-profit organization declared of Galician and national cultural interest, offers study grants to plastic artists from all over the world. It is an initiative that seeks to make the culture of Costa da Morte visible through the artists who come to Corme (Ponteceso), where both the Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary  Art Costa da Morte (MACCMO) are located, closely linked to it.


CMAT signs an agreement thanks to the financing of Tourism in Galicia to promote experiences on the Costa da Morte through tourist packages


Thanks to the Tourism of Galicia budget that was approved this week, the CMAT will carry out a plan to promote the establishments of the Costa da Morte through the sale of experiential packages. Cultural, gastronomic, active tourism experiences and the best accommodation in the area with guaranteed security measures, that is the proposal of the managing body of the geodestination to revitalize.


Galicia, rural and safe tourism. Reflections on World Tourism Day in the face of an uncertain year


This September 27 we celebrate World Tourism Day again and Costa da Morte does so by positioning itself as a safe destination for all the people who dare to visit it, as highlighted this week by the first vice president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda , in a meeting with the board of the Galicia Tourism Cluster.


Now you can read here the report of La Voz de Galicia "Active tourism on the Costa da Morte"


A few weeks ago, the newspaper La Voz de Galicia dedicated a special to active tourism in Costa da Morte, with a lot of ideas for all ages and tastes.

You can read it here:


Orballo Cultural, a new initiative of concerts in Costa da Morte


Next Friday, July 25, Carballo Forum will host the MClan concert. The group, that is known for such emblematic songs as Carolina, will be in charge of inaugurating the Orballo Cultural initiative, a new music initiative in Costa da Morte.

summer activities

The municipalities of Costa da Morte start summer activities, bit by bit and always taking care of safety measures


With the arrival of the so-called "new normal" just in time to inaugurate the summer, he went back to recuperating life in the streets. Respecting the security and protection measures established for the COVID-19, the municipalities of Costa da Morte are implementing the programme of summer activities, perfect for discovering the attractions that each of them hides and also for those who already know them to enjoy once again.


Success in the presentation of the manuals for the prevention for the COVID-19 of the tourist sector of the Xunta de Galicia


Yesterday the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo of the Xunta de Galicia presented through a webinar the manuals for prevention of the COVID-19 for the touristic sector with great success of assistance. More than a thousand people followed the presentation yesterday via streaming and Youtube  - where you can currently view the video It consisted of the intervention of the experts who advised in the elaboration of the manuals and, later, a round of questions in for the professionals of the Galician tourism


Xunta de Galicia: Plan to reactivate the cultural and tourist sector

Here you can read the plan that the Xunta de Galicia is going to implement to reactivate tourism in the territory in this new scenario that the crisis of COVID-19 has left us with:


The CMAT Board of Directors meets to assess the situation in Costa da Morte touristic sector and reform the 2020 strategy


The Board of CMAT met today thanks to technology to plan and prepare decision-making on the changes to be implemented in geodestination management during 2020, where the focus of work will be on people.


Costa da Morte literature tour (Part II)


As promised in the previous article, today we will continue our proposal to know the Costa da Morte through literature. So lets embark on this second journey through the pages of books that evoke the beauty and magic of our land, but also the personality of its people. Strong people and fighters, with their marine character, who carry in their veins the influence of the sea and this land laden with mysticism.


On the first day of Fitur, the Costa da Morte was "lived intensely"


Yesterday, at six oclock in the afternoon, Galicia stand at Fitur hosted the presentation of the Costa da Morte geodestin “Four ways to live intensely Costa da Morte”. There, tourism professionals, politicians, media and other assistants robbed the president of the CMAT, Santiago Toba in his speech. In this first day for professional public of the international fair that is celebrated every year in Madrid, the Costa da Morte has shown its full potential, with the presentation on the stand of Galicia as “final touch”.


"Four ways to live Costa da Morte intensely", the CMAT bet on Fitur world showcase


The Tourism Association of the Costa da Morte will attend the next edition of Fitur, the important international tourism fair that will take place in Madrid from 22 to 26 January. We will be part of the Tourism of Galicia’ stand, where other proposals from neighboring territories will be presented.


Our 2019 in a wrap


This 2019 has been a very productive year for the CMAT, as progress has been made in complying with the 2019-2021 Costa da Morte Tourism Action Plan, working intensively on some of the strategic lines. Looking forward to next year, we will continue to make every effort to achieve the tourist recognition that Costa da Morte deserves.


Dozens of establishments in Costa da Morte are involved in promoting sportive tourism in the area with attractive discounts


This week we released the promotional dossier for sporting events of the “Costa da Morte Turismo + Deporte” program. This initiative promoted by the CMAT with the support of the Deputación da Coruña seeks to improve the tourist attraction of the area by linking it with the huge amount of sportive events organized in the different municipalities belonging to the geodestin.


Merry Christmas from CMAT!


We did not want to miss the opportunity to wish all of you a happy holiday to everyone from Costa da Morte Tourism Association.

Thank you very much for your support in 2019, in 2020 we will continue working to make Costa da Morte a tourist destination for everyone.


Dozens of contestants show their skills as photographers to get the #MuraisLarCMAT prize: visit Costa da Morte


Yesterday, December 16, we gave the last of the #MuraisLarCMAT awards, our photo contest on Instagram that seeks to publicize the Costa da Morte through the tile murals of the project "Lar na escola". The eight sculptures, all theme related to water sports, have been exhibited on the Paseo Marítimo de Sanxenxo (Pontevedra) since early days of summer. Thanks to the popularity of this area, especially during the summer months, the exhibition became one of the main attractions of the central area of ​​the touristical city.

turismo deportivo

Sports tourism grows at Costa da Morte with events exceeding the expectations of participation


The 6th edition of the Circuit Correndo pola Costa da Morte closed this Sunday with a final race in Fisterra, scoring a record of participants (912). About half a thousand athletes came to participate despite the bad weather. Data such as this confirm the increase in the number of participants who are continuously producing in this annual Career Program, making it an important tourist asset. Not surprisingly, this circuit ranks second in the ranking of sports events with tourist potential in Costa da Morte, just behind the international and multitudinous Gran Fondo Ézaro, and followed by other events and sports events that are consolidated as inescapable events every year such as the Costa Abanca Circuit (Circuíto Travesía Costa Abanca), the Lighthouse Road (O Camiño dos Faros) and the Grand Trail Costa da Morte.

WORLD TOURISM DAY: Nava Castro, Director of Tourism of Galicia: "Costa da Morte is playing a key role in our tourism model for the diversification of flows"

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, which was held on Friday 27th, the delegation of Cadena Ser at Costa da Morte dedicated a few minutes of its programming to the tourist activity in our geodestin, more specifically our association and its work. Below we reproduce the interview with Pablo Canosa and some of the headlines of this report by Antón Lestón in Vivindo a Costa da Morte (Living the Coast of Death).

I Sailing Camp Costa da Morte 2019


Last September 1st began the "I Sailing Camp" called "I nautical coexistence Costa da Morte" and promoted by Loreto Núñez Varela and Gabriel González.

This project, held from September 1 to 8, was born as a joint initiative of several entities such as Club Náutico de Camariñas, the City Council of Camariñas and the company UBUNTU for the promotion of water sports in Costa da Morte.

acividades formativas

Free courses for tourism professionals in Costa da Morte


Within the framework of the aids of Deputación da Coruña for 2019, different projects and activities are being organized that aim to achieve greater skills of the tourist sector. Once again, Costa da Morte contemplates the development of a free Training Program for professionals, with the objective to specialize the destination in three main pillars of tourism: English, marketing and gastronomy.

A week full of sport and tourism begins at Costa da Morte


The last weekend of August, Costa da Morte will become the center of sportive activities in the area. Runners, swimmers, surfers and lifeguards will meet in the reference events of their respective disciplines. They will be surrounded by thousands of fans who will come to cheer and accompany the participants, while exploring the destination and enjoying the complementary activities that organize these events.

Tourism in Costa da Morte discloses a new image


After a work in recent months that included the study of the needs of the tourism brand and its subsequent design, in which all the agents that make up the CMAT have been involved, we can now share our new corporate image.

A Costa da Morte, one step closer to being recognized as a World Surfing Reserve


The Razo Beach was the venue chosen last Friday July 12 to communicate that the proposal submitted to "Save the Waves Coalition" passed the first phase of the selection process. If it succeds, it would make the territory the first World Surfing Reserve declared in Spain, the second in Europe; after the Portuguese Ericeira, and in the twelfth worldwide. The CMAT, as the entity managing the Costa da Morte geodestine, was present at the call of the Promoter Group for the candidature as a World Surfing Reserve.


The CMAT already has a new Board of Directors for a period of two years from the expiration of the current one


The CMAT as the managing entity of the geodestine Costa de Morte, met on Tuesday, July 2, at the Casa da Cultura de Vimianzo, with the aim to renew their Board of Directors, designated by a General Assembly and made up of a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 7.

The CMAT at the Atlantic Gastronomic Fair in Coruña


Between May 31 and June 3, the Parrote area in A Coruña will become the epicenter of Galician cuisine. Atlántica Gastronómica is here, an event dedicated exclusively to highlight the gastronomy of our land. Anyone who wants to get to know more about enology, food, tourism and trade of Galicia will find tastings, exhibitors, workshops and more. Of course, the CMAT will be present to discover to visitors the best flavors of the Costa da Morte.

Costa da Morte, one step closer to be declared World Surf Reserve


CMAT, as the Managing Director of the Costa da Morte, supports the Diputación da Coruña in the preparation of the candidature to become the second World Surf Reserve (WSR) declared in Europe and twelfth worldwide.

Costa da Morte Tourism + sport reaches its meridian with the II Carballo Junior Challenge including a wide range of services and benefits for participants


This initiative aims to promote sports tourism in the Costa da Morte geodestine

Participants and companions can benefit from special discounts and complementary activities to the sport event

The CMAT presents a package of complementary activities and special promotions for the participants in "Carrera de Vimianzo".

During the work table held on March 11 for the design of tourist promotions and activities for sporting events at the House of Culture of Vimianzo, the CMAT presented a proposal to encourage sport tourism in the Costa da Morte.

The Deputation will invest 1.1 million euros in the creation of a pedestrian itinerary in Corcubion from Quenxe to the Cee lighthouse

The Road and Works Commission of the Deputation of A Coruña has unanimously approved the project for the extension, improvement of the layout and construction of a pedestrian path on the DP 2801 from Corcubion to San Roque by Redonda.

Torres del Allo increases the number of visitors in the month of February by 77%


Last February, Torres del Allo received a visit of 204 people, 89 more than in the same month of 2018, becoming the best February in the whole historical series of the palace with much difference. It should be noted that the origin of the visitors from the municipality of Zas was scarce, with 10% of the total; which indicates that the monument is entering a phase of seasonalization of the visitors. 33.8% approached from all over Galicia; 44.5% resided in the Costa da Morte; 7.3% corresponded with the public arrived from the rest of the State; and 2.5% came to visit the Torres del Allo from other countries in Europe and the World.

The VII Provincial Circuit of popular races "Deputation of A Coruña" this year arrives to 11 municipalities of the Costa da Morte.

A total of 11 municipalities in the Costa da Morte will host, along this year, other races included in the VII edition of the Popular Race Circuit "A Coruña Provincial Council", organized by the Sports Area of ​​the A Coruña provincial institution in collaboration with the Galician Federation of athletics The competition schedule, which runs between the months of April and December, will count this year with 30 races in other so many municipalities, in which the organization hopes to count on the presence of more than 18,000 participants in the different categories (benzamine, filly, cadet, juvenile , absolute and veterans), surpassing more than 15,000 last year. Mazaricos, Dumbría, Zas, Carballo, Cee, Tordoia, Muxía, Laracha, Carnota, Corcubión and Cabana de Bergantiños will be, in this order, the municipalities of the Costa da Morte that will host the races in 2019. The deputy responsible for the Sports area, Antonio Leira Piñeiro, stressed that the County Council of A Coruña "pioneered" the launch of a provincial circuit of racing, a sports activity that is also organized in other provinces, and thanked the "extraordinary work of organization and coordination of the tests "carried out by the Galician Athletics Federation. Likewise, Leira has argued that the A Coruña circuit of popular races "is today consolidated as one of the annual events of the provinces wide-ranging sports agenda, as evidenced by the fact that every year it brings together more participants. "We hope to beat our record of participation this year," said the deputy.

Appointing to Sementando no espazo, the new Senda Nova community garden!

Spring is getting closer, and in Senda Nova, new projects and activities are already beginning to emerge!

Sementando no espazo, is a new project related to the ecological garden, and the environmental education, which is based on the cession of spaces to all people interested in cultivating their own ecological foods and continue learning about this type of garden. Sementandono espazo is born with the main objective of providing children and adults, the possibility of cultivating their own foods, in a common space and living together, in which to continue learning about the ecological garden, healthy eating, etc. through their own companions or of the formations that will be carried out.

The Provincial Deputation presents at Fairway Santiago the Fisterra-Muxía Way as one of the fastest growing Santiago´s Way routes

Leira highlighted "the enormous tourist and economic potential for the province" of the two Jacobean routes that flow entirely through the territory of Corunna: the English Way, which in 2018 registered an increase of 25% pilgrims and the Fisterra-Muxía Way, which fired the number of Hikers in 70% with respect to 2017.

The Bolo do Pote showcooking overflowed the capacity of the classroom in Xantar Ourense

The Xantar Sea classroom in Ourense was small for people who came to taste the cake of the Mazaricos pot in the dining room Xantar Ourense.

The mayor, Juan José Blanco Riveiro, presented the XXI edition of the Pote Cake Festival and conducted the show in which housewives prepared the cake and chef José Manuel Carreira the chopsticks, to give an account of one of the gastronomic specialties of the City Council: the meat Attendees were also enthusiastic about the flavor and texture of different kinds of bread that the Citys bakeries sent to the show. Given the amount of audience that gathered at the doors of the classroom, it was necessary to attach a tray so that the manques could also try.

The irmandiños skewers, bolo do pote and the empanada de Carballo, protagonists of the gastronomic proposal of the Deputationl of A Coruña in Xantar 2019.

The Department of Tourism of the County Council of A Coruña participates in the 20th International Gastronomic Tourism Show, Xantar, with a sample of the gastronomic richness of the city councils, its own space at the fair or the live cooking showcookings. The Vimianzo irmandiño skewers, the Mazaricos pot cake, the octopus mugardesa, the bread and the empanada de Carballo or the felpas from Zas are some of the products that make the territory of A Coruña a "gastronomic tourism reference".

Torres do Allo close 2018 with 9000 visitors

During the 2018, Torres do Allo received more than 9,000 visitors, a figure that continues with their increase in visits since Zas City Council, through the Culture Department, decided to turn a tour of the monument. "Torres do Allo now occupy a prominent place in the list of the most visited monuments in the province of A Coruña thanks to the attractive heritage and nature of this space and also to the growing cultural offer that houses", says Manuel García Velo, Councilor for Culture. With respect to the previous year, the date on which brands were struck, the number of visitors increased by more than 1700 people. Which translates 23% more.

The Deputation of A Coruña promotes the hiring of professionals in the tourist offices of the councils

The Tourism area allocates € 800,000 for the program for municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants. Professionalization of the sector is one of the objectives of the Department of Tourism of the County Council of A Coruña, which allocates 800,000 to promote new recruitment of personnel from tourist offices of municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants.

The Castle of Vimianzo is consolidated as one of the tourist points of the Costa da Morte

During the year 2018 he received a total of 37300 visitors. This figure means practically doubling the number of visitors from the year 2013 and increasing by 25% the visitors of the year 2017. The highest number of visits was concentrated in the months of July, August and September, with almost half of the visits and an average of more than 6000 monthly visits. Guided tours are one of the main claims of the Vimiancesa fortress. These visits are adapted to the type of public, highlighting the visits of school groups.

Deputation finances with 69.200 euros the activitie of ecomuseum of Forno do Forte

The president of the Diputación da Coruña, Valentín González Formoso, and the mayor of Malpica, Eduardo Parga Veiga, signed this morning at the headquarters of the provincial institution the pact for the financing of the activities of the Alcaught eco-furnace Forte during the year 2019.

A Christmas full of activities in Mazaricos

Christmas comes to Mazaricos full of events to enjoy. The first of them this week, with the Christmas edition of Mazachef, the successful culinary course of the culinary class. On Thursday, the course of personal defense for women on Saturday morning and the Christmas Festival of the Music School in the afternoon.

Cooking workshop and celebration of the 20th anniversary of Mareas Vivas.

Today, Friday afternoon, at 8:00 p.m., in the Museum of the Sea, Noa Vázquez Rendal, an ecological cooking workshop will be given. The activity, which includes a practical demonstration, will allow the assistant to learn about different recipes of ecological cooking, sustainable and suitable for all pockets. 

Fam Trip "A Ruta dos Faros" GALP Costa da Morte.

The GALP Costa da Morte invites on Monday, December 3, companies of the Galaic Sea, its scope of action and those of the neighboring territories, to participate in a day of familiarization with the Ruta dos Faros de Galicia. This activity is part of a cooperation project that involves all Galician GALPs, turning the personnel of the establishments of the territory into the main prescriptors of the Lighthouse Route.

The municipality of Dumbría assumes the presidency of the Megalithic Park of the Costa da Morte

The mayor of the municipality of Dumbría, José Manuel Pequeño Castro, will be the first president of the Steering Committee of the Management Committee of the Megalithic Park of the Costa da Morte, which this Wednesday held its first meeting at the Dolmen de Dombate. During the meeting representatives of the city councils of the Park and those in charge of the Heritage and Tourism areas of the A Coruña Provincial Council, Xosé Regueira, participated.

This weekend in Vimianzo, the "Cultural Heritage and Local Development Days" will be held.

The first "Days of Cultural Heritage and Local Development" organized by the Asociación de Profesionales de Desarrollo Local de Galicia (AFIPRODEL) will take place on November 30 and December 1 in Vimianzo, in the School of Señorans.

The Galp Costa da Morte, Costa Sostible and Ría de Arousa celebrate three days of familiarization for the Ruta dos Faros.

In order to familiarize the companies of the territory with the Galician Lighthouse Route, the Local Action Groups of the Fishing Sector are organizing familiarization trips to the main tourist resources of the corresponding Territories of Costa da Morte, Costa Sostible and Ría de Arousa. In these FamTrips will visit the most important spaces of this route seeking the identification of these resources by the companies of the territory and those of the bordering municipalities.

The Lighthouse Trail seeks to connect 11 lighthouses of Ferrolterra and Costa da Morte by means of 60 new kilometers of cycle paths

The Deputation of A Coruña has published a bid for an ambitious project to promote sustainable mobility in the province in the State Procurement Platform. In particular, the provincial institution allocates € 60,500 for the development of the Lighthouse Footpath project, which will connect with 11 rider lighthouses of Ferrolterra and Costa da Morte.

The CMAT participates in a meeting with Turismo de Galicia at the Gaiás

Yesterday a meeting was held with the representatives of the Galician Geodestines in the Eisenman Hall of the City of Culture, Santiago de Compostela, convened by Turismo de Galicia. In the same they were as representatives of the CMAT its president Juan José Blanco and Pablo Canosa secretary of the same.  

Start of the "7th Environmental School of Senda Nova"

Last Saturday, November 10th, more than half a hundred people received at the Space of Nature in Oza, the new participants of the Senda Nova Ambiental School - Carballo City Council, which has already reached its 7th edition.

The CMAT meets in A Laracha for the review of the Costa da Morte Tourism Action Plan.

The Board of Directors of the CMAT, met this morning in the municipality of A Laracha, to address as one of the main topics the review of the Action Plan for Costa da Morte tourism that is being carried out in the last quarter of the year.

Nine places will be part of this weekend of the route "Paiosaco sabe a tapas"

The first edition of the route "Paiosaco sabe tapas" that will be held from tomorrow, Friday and until Sunday was presented today in the socio-cultural center of Paiosaco, in an act in which the mayor, José Manuel López Varela, councilor for Economic Promotion, Rocío Lopez, and representatives of the places that will be part of this initiative.

The deputation of A Coruña hosts the first meeting of municipalities around the Anllóns

The five mayors of the territory that crossed the River Anllón met today with the responsibility of the Department of Tourism of the Regional Council of A Coruña, Xosé Regueira, with the idea of taking the first steps towards the development of a tourist development project around the river . The "Anllóns Project" will be one of the initiatives of the Heritage Plan of the Regional Council of A Coruña.

Camariñas prepares for a "Weekend of Shipwrecks" with gastronomic, cultural and tourist proposals

The City Council of Camariñas will live a weekend full of gastronomic, cultural and tourist proposals. From the 9th to the 11th of November the Week of Shipwrecks is celebrated, an event that aims to vindicate the history of the municipality through different activities. The central event will take place on Saturday, November 10, when the commemorative ceremony will be held for the 128th anniversary of the tragedy of the "HMS Serpent", the Royal Navy cruise that sank in 1890 in the Horn of the Bull, leaving 173 victims. The Cemetery of the English will host, from 21 hours, a theater performance organized by the City Council in collaboration with the County Council of A Coruña and the Royal Naval League.

The deadline is to present webseries at the 6th Carballo Interplay

The sixth edition of the Carballo Interplay Digital Content Festival, which will be held on April 3, 4, 5 and 6, 2019, opens the registration so that all those who wish to submit their webseries or webserie projects to their section official, who will distribute more than 5,000 euros in prizes. You can do so from today and until February 18 through the web www.carballointerplay.com, for free.

This autumn at "sete no espazo"

Week from October 15-21

Thursday 18: Next Thursday 18 will begin with the documentary screening of the series "De Re Naturae" by Francisco Javier Lema, with which we will also count on the Space to meet him personally and know the curiosities and modus operandi of the realization of his films.

Presentation of the program of activities "Laxe Outono 2018"

The department of Trade, Hostalery and Tourism of Laxe presents the program of activities that are part of the project RELAXE, for the fourth quarter of this year 2018. In it we collect a program, complete and varied, designed for the most diverse audiences. Penedos de Pasarela and Traba enjoy for the first time a joint programming between the Councils of Laxe and Vimianzo.

Free Conference at Cee: How to improve the customer experience in tourist accommodation

This Wednesday at 5:00 pm there will be a free day on how to improve the customer experience in tourist accommodation. This day is aimed at business people from the tourism sector (accommodation, catering, hospitality, transport operators, leisure activities, etc.) and the general public.

Fernando Agrasar, defends in Gastronomika the "authenticity" as a symbol of Galician cuisine.

The owner of As Garzas de Malpica participated in the fair of San Sebastián in the program of the County Council of A Coruña. With the title "Realismo Atlántico", the chef Fernando Agrasar participated Tuesday in the official program of San Sebastián Gastronomika, an international fair that brings together the main names of the gastronomy of the world. The owner of As Garzas de Malpica participated in the space of the County Council of A Coruña that for the first time attended the event of promotion of cuisine and gastronomic tourism.

Training module for improving the competitiveness of the Costa da Morte hospitality and tourism companies.

Why Costa da Morte tourism professionals can not miss the course?

The title of the educational program or di. To improve the competitiveness of their companies at the gastronomic level and also the communication and commercialization of their products.

Marketing and Commercialization of active and sport tourism activities.

Why Costa da Morte tourism professionals can not miss the course?

- Because active and sports tourism is a growing market niche, which is already among the three main reasons to travel between foreign tourists visiting Spain, generating annual revenues of 12,500 million euros. Both sporting events and sports activities most practiced during holiday periods have a significant economic impact on the territories in which they are developed; It also has two characteristics of special interest for the entire tourism sector: tourist athletes have a longer average stay than conventional tourists, and it is also a clearly seasonal tourism. And Costa da Morte, due to its privileged natural resources, presents great possibilities for development in this field, as evidenced by the growth in the quantity and quality of activities and events organized in recent years, and the participation and impact that are achieving. We will learn about successful examples and practical tools that will help us make better use of these activities and increase the attractiveness of these tourist segments, both at the company and destination levels.

Training module on basic and advanced English

Why do Costa da Morte tourism professionals miss the course?

- Because without communication there is no sale and English is today the universal language. Given a more varied travel profile every day, acquiring basic English notions adapted to our business is a tool that is so basic and necessary as any other fundamental aspect of the hotel service

The deadline for the inscriptions in the courses of the program of improvement of the competitiveness of the tourist sector of Costa da Morte 2018 opens.

As of today, the deadline to request registration in the different courses that make up the Competitiveness Improvement Program of the Costa da Morte tourist sector 2018 is open.This year, the CMAT and the Diputación de A Coruña, have worked on the design of modules adapted to 4 priorities:

The raid horses return to the roads of Mazaricos

Next Saturday, October 6th, at nine in the morning, the riders will go back through the paths of Mazaricos. The third edition of the Equestrian Raid returns to the City Hall. Again curious people can approach the Picota multipurpose to contemplate the use of water and massages dispensed with the horses to reduce their pulsations. The test scores for the Copa Federación Hípica Galega.

The Vimianzo City Council values the First Symposium of the Castle as a resounding success

Manuel Antelo, Mayor of the City Council of Vimianzo, valued the 1st Symposium on the Castle of Vimianzo that was developed during the past weekend as a resounding success since they participated around one hundred people, the specialists explained the history of the Castle, lighting up Some dark areas and the future project for the fortress was presented to citizens.

Starts a new edition of FIOT 2018

FIOT will begin with a childrens show and say goodbye to a local comedy, which promises to be a hoot. This FIOT has a great deal of experience in Galicia, it gives collaboration between A_Abdución and Buxam Producións and gives a union of three companies, Belgian, Catalan and Madrid.

The Costa da Morte Great Gastronomic Order renewed the directive.

On a meeting held in Vimianzo yesterday, the Costa da Morte Great Gastronomic Order renewed its board of directors. As president Manuel Antelo Pazos was elected. They are accompanied by the Directive, Rosa Sánchez Martínez as Vice President, Julián Prieto Valdés, as secretary, Pepe Blanco Alborés, as treasurer, and Pablo Aller, Pepe Formoso and Manuel Mouzo as members. As President of Honor José M. Pato was elected.

The program for improving the competitiveness of the tourism sector of Costa da Morte has been inaugurated.

The mayor of Ponteceso, Lois García Carballido and the director of the MELGA, Ricardo Pérez, were in charge of giving the exit pistol to this training program of the tourism sector of the Costa da Morte. The course of Interpretation, Marketing and new technologies applied to Natural and Cultural Tourism was what opened the training program designed by the CMAT and that subsidy of the Diputación de A Coruña for the last quarter of the year 2018. The CMAT emphasize: "the great example of collaboration among the organizations, thanking MELGA for the dissemination of the course and the response to the applications for registration of all interested parties."   In this first training day, they participated María Elvira Lezcano González, Doctor of Humanities, a graduate in History of art and a diploma in tourism, a professor at the UDC in the Grado and the Postgraduate course in Tourism, and Cristina Collazo, who introduced aspects of interpretation of the heritage as a fundamental tool for communication with the public visiting the places of heritage interest and the improvement of knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage of the destiny.

The branding project Bela Fisterra Hotel will represent Spain at BID 18

The branding project Bela Fisterra Hotel has just been selected as a representative of Spain at the Ibero-American Design Biennial (IDB 18) organized by the Madrid Design Foundation. His authors are Xosé Teiga, studio, a renowned multi award winning Galician corporate expert in branding, which has already won over 180 international and national prizes, being the most awarded Branding, Design and Advertising company in Galicia and one of the most awarded in Spain : www.xoseteiga.com.

Winter schedule for guided visits to Dombate

The winter schedule begins on guided visits to the Dombate Dolmen Archeological Center: they will be held from Friday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Fridays will be the days for the educational centers, although if the guides have availability the excursions can be attended any day by appointment. This coming Sunday, at 6:00 pm, several European journalists will arrive,accompanied by the backs of O Camiño dos Faros. On the 26th, a travel agency with 40 visitors from Córdoba will go to Dombate and, for October, students from the Milladoiro de Malpica and Santa María do Mar schools in A Coruña will be displaced.

It begins the schedule of low season in the Torres do Allo.

This past Sunday 16th of September closed the high season in the pazo more ancient of Galicia. A lovely concert of the dúo folk Caamaño-Plums served like final colophon it a historical summer in the Torres do Allo. More of one hundred people acudiron to the convocatorio of the Department of Culture of Zas to give by finalized the high season in the pazo do Allo. From this week, since this Monday 17 of September and tie the 15 of June of the year that comes (except Saint Week), the monument of the Towers of the Garlic will open the Saturdays, Sundays and festive in schedule of 11:00 of the morning to 19:00 of the afternoon. The visits guided free will follow being to the 13:00 and to the 17:00; it is not necessary to do reservation.

Cmat begins this week presenting his Training Program and a working table in Cabana de Bergantiños.

This Monday, CMAT presented, in the salon of plenaries of the City council of Cabana de Bergantiños, Formative Plan stop the last quarter of the year. Then celebrated a working table inside the project of "Updating and Improvement of the experiences of active tourism and cultural tourism of Costa da Morte", cofinanced by the Agency of Tourism of Galicia.

The CMAT summons working tables with city councils and touristic companies to design touristic experiences for Costa da Morte.

Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th  of September at 11:00 to 13:00h, CMAT organizes tables of public work-deprived to present the advances of the works realized in the frame of the project of ?Updating and Improvement of the experiences of active tourism and cultural tourism of Costa da Morte?, cofinanced by the Agency of Tourism of Galicia.

The Office of Touristic Information of Caión attended more than 400 queries during summer.

The Municipal Office of Touristic Information (OMIT) of the City council of the Laracha comes to elaborate his report of the activity realized from final of the month of June -in the start of the season of summer- and tie the end of the Festa dos Milagres , is to say, the dates in the that finalizes the high season of presence of visiting in the small town in particular and in the municipality in general. I dictate report reflects the profile of the people that did use of this municipal service during this period.

Activities continue at Torres do Allo

The group etnográfico of Allo offers many and varied options of visit stop this weekend:

Visits Guided: All the days to the 13h. And 17h. Where discover da man of expert guides the place in the that the time stopped since does four hundred and that keeps our history, etnography and nature of only form.

Deputation of A Coruña supports Costa da Morte like touristic destination of quality

Costa da Morte is a destiny of special interest for the Deputation of A Coruña and this stayed to the sight in the intervention of the deputy of Tourism, Xosé Regueira, in the days organized put Group Rural Development Costa da Morte that develop in Vimianzo and Malpica of Bergantiños.

Mazaricos conditioned the view point which the Father Sarmiento described the region

During his trips to Galicia, Father Sarmiento went taking notes of the his route. His incursión more important was in the 1975, in a route in the that spent by the parish mazaricá of Arches.

For the mayor, Juan José Blanco Riveiro, "it is another stair in the ours bet by a respectful and sustainable tourism. The place presents a potential alto like natural space and hence put in value this plot with an area of stay enabled with banks  and a view point in the place of the Enxilde. To the thread of this added that It is an important landscape question and also historical, by the that there will be informative signposts. The mandator ensured that it "Sight is inmellorable, with panoramic envelope the reservoir of Saint Uxía, the orography of the Pindo and Fisterra.

More than 400 photos presented to the second contest "Enfoques do Allo" duplicating paticipation of the first edition.

The past 20th of August closed the term to send archives to the II Contest of Photograph with the Mobile "Enfoques do Allo". A photograph event that chooses the best instantaneous realized with a mobile telephone in the monument of the Torres do Allo and his outline. Set for the first time the year spent with a formidable answer; but in this second edition received 390 images of very high quality of 90 different people, that duplicates practically the participation of the 2018.

Shipwreck of Laxe in 2018


The Shipwreck is a homage that the people of the sea of Laxe do him to the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of the sailors, by his protection and help during all the year. The celebration realises annually since it was established in the year 1962 by Avelino Saint Lemma, sailor of Laxe surviving to three shipwrecks.

Department of Trade, Hostelry and Tourism of Laxe presents a new tourism website.

Tuesday 14th of August to the 12.00 hours will present the new web of tourism of Laxe. It Will be in a public act in the Museo do Mar. It treats of a current web, modern and dynamic, especially thought to cover the needs and expectations of the people that visit us. The image, and the video are the main documentary bases, through the which know the main aspects and touristic resources of this Municipality. It fits to highlight also a new option, that will allow that the people users download directly the touristic brochures. The URL sums to the dominance .gal And it will be compatible with distinct devices mobiles. It will be available in this direction www.turismolaxe.gal.

CMAT regrets deeply the demise of the journalist Jesús Trillo

The managerial board of  CMAT regrets deeply the demise of Jesús Trillo, journalist and tourist employer, during years delegated of El Correo Galician in Costa da Morte. Promotoer of the association Muxía Rural tourism, stand out his commitment with Costa da Morte, his big professionalism and his contribution to the socioeconomic development of the destiny of the tourism.

Torres do Allo beats afresh record of visiting in July with a 50% more.

While the trend of touristic afluence of this 2018 seems more discreet that in the previous year, the monument of the City council of Zas comes to surpass by a lot the figures of visiting of the spent 2017. They are already more of 4.000 people those that attached to know the pazo and his surroundings since it 1st of January tie the 31th of July and realized any of the his activities. A data that surpasses the visiting of all the year 2015 or 2016.So only during it last month the Torres do Allo had more of 1.500 visitors, what supposes an increase of more of the fifty percent with concerning the even month of the previous year, in the that no surpassed the thousand. An average of 51 daily people attached to visit freely the museum, realize the visits guided, the game of tracks, assist to the theatre visits, or take part of the special activities as the contest of photograph, the cinema to the free air or the Day in the Towers for nenxs. In July the Torres do Allo the opened everydays.

A history of Vimianzo


Yesterday it presented  in Viñetas desde o Atlantico the comic "Unha historia de Vimianzo". In the act of presentation interviron Marta King, Councillor of Culture of Vimianzo, Ruben Rial, author of the drawings and Manel Cráneo, famed dibuxante of comic. Also they were present Manuel Antelo, mayor of Vimianzo and Sabela Herrero, technical of culture of Vimianzo. In the act highlighted the importance to make known the history and to contribute to the put in value of the heritage using a tool eat the comic. 

The Deputation of A Coruña supports with 80.000 euros to XXXV Mostra of the Olería of Buño

The deputy of economic promotion and employment, José Luis García, and the mayor of Malpica of Bergantiños, Eduardo Parga Fertile plain, signed today an agreement of collaboration by means of which the provincial institution attaches 80% of the budget of the total of the event. It attaches IT of the Deputation destines to the spent in advertising, graphic material, rent of the carps, of expositives areas and of the activities that carry out

City Council of Carballo will invest 100.000 euros per year to train 15 top chefs

Yesterday it finalized the term of registration stop the School of Hostelry of the City council of Carballo, and there are 52 candidates/them to form part of the first promotion of professional of the kitchen formed with one plans own and specific, adapted to the labour needs of the sector and funded exclusively with own funds. It go in them/the aspirant figure a part of the 36 people that approved the first and only examination celebrated in the previous process (some renounced), and that now only will have to realize the interview and the practical proof. The dates of the examinations will communicate at next weeks.

A Laracha de Tapas will go back in august

A Laracha de Tapas will go back in the weekend of the Friday 10 to the Sunday 12 of August with the fourth edition of this certame that the City council organizes in the eve of the Parties Patronal of A Laracha with the objective essential of dinamize the commercial fabric and hotelier of the municipality, in addition to putting and value the local products and the sector of the restoration. The City council of the Laracha realized a campaign to inform individually it all the establishments hoteliers of the municipal capital envelope to possibility to aim and take part in the event. Once finalized the term, are sweet the establishments that will form part of this initiative.

Cultural week Cultural includes two routes to know the archeological heritage of Zas

During next days, there will be appointments stop all the publics in Zas like theater, monologues, exhibitions, working areas and two walkways through the which know the archaeologic wealth of the ours municipality. Firstof these routes will be this Tuesday, 31th of July. with a guide, the participants will do a route by varied points of the municipality of Zas that hide distinct archaeologic deposits. The first stop will be Pedra Vixía, where find  the rests of the dolmen of the Dolmen da Pedra MOura. Then a bus will displace to the participants tie the parish of Muiño, where finds  the Arca da Piosa; one of the megalithic monumentswith the most recognition of all Galicia and that inspired it Eduardo Pondal the one who saw in this anta to grave of Brandomil, one of the his mythical Celtic warriors of the ancient Galicia. Once visited the megalithic monument and after knowing part of the his history, the visitors will displace again in bus until Brandomil to know more in great detail the bridge, castrate it and the roman rests that they find  in this small town. The exit will be to the 15:30 hours since it Center Sociocultural of Zas and advises to carry felicitous footwear since they will realize  small walks.

The Way to Fisterra- Muxía with Correos

Correos promotes The Way to Fisterra and Muxía with an illustrated map and edited in several languages. This route of the Way of Santiago has to the capital of Galicia no like destination, if no like starting point to the cape Fisterra and the Sanctuary gives Virxe da Barca de Muxía. The Codex Calixtino signals that disciples of the Apostle travelled to Dugium, current Fisterra, in research of the roman permission to be able to bury it in Compostela. Already in the 9th century, when it discovered the sepulcro, a lot of pilgrims continued his trek until the Costa da Morte.

Mediaeval Market of Corcubión

It fulfils 18 years or Mediaeval Market Costa da Morte. It fulfils 18 years in this edition. A lot of no Bought novelties,no that you s strong points will develop in the beach of Quenxe , or Friday with the Desembarco, and or Saturday with the Mediaeval Tournament, that still could repeat or Sunday. Everything seems unify so that this was, but the best, yes join of the best editions of the Bought Mediaeval of Corcubión. This year is it of the majority of age -go 18 editions- and, besides, important, recovers the recreation of the landing, piece pin that it distinguishes the this appointment. It arrived the day. This afternoon disturb everything. It starts to the 18.00 hours. This is not a market easily sustitute, without nutrients, but based in a done historical precise: the desembarco of the troops of the archbishop Rodrigo de Lúa in the seat around the middle of the century XV, in the year 1457.

Premier of a new web dedicated to the ensemble of Batáns and the mills of Mosquetín

The City council of Vimianzo finishes to present a new web devoted to the joint etnographic of the batáns and Mills of the Mosquetín. The new web,  is in Galician, Castilian and English, collects of a clear and intuitive way distinct relative informations to the joint etnographic of the Mosquetín. In it can be accessed to the history of the ensemble and the relative informations to the mills and to the batáns taht will facilitate the visit. To the even time can be downloaded differents brochures and relative publications to the joint. The web is accessible since the address: http://osbatans.gal

XXVII Carreer of Sands of the City Council of Carnota

Already it is opened the term of registration of the XXVII Carreer of Sands of the City Council of Carnota, is included like an 8º proof in the V Circuit Correndo pola Costa da Morte. The date chosen this year is the day 26 of August. The goal will be placed in the Praza Galicia, of where will go out all those people that wish to take part in this peculiar proof. In the competition can take part so many boys (since them 3 years) how adults. The registrations will realize through the page web www.championchipnorte.com tie the Wednesday 22 of August to the 23:59 h. The application of registration stop the low sportsmen of age will have to go accompanied of an authorization, as a model established by the organization. The said model be able to be downloaded in the page web www.championchipnorte.com and also will be to the yours disposal in the Department of Sports of the City council of Carnota.

Surpassed the 200 enrolled to the III Popular Career of the Apostolo of Vilaño - A Laracha.

They advance it very good rhythm the registrations to take part in the second edition of the Popular Career of the Apostle, that the Association Adro de Vilaño organizes in the city council larachés, together with a Healthful and Solidary March in profit of Cáritas. The event will be the Saturday 21 of July in schedule of afternoon and the registrations remained opened tie the 18 of July. The interested can do effective the registrations in the web www.carreirasgalegas.com or well of form presencial in the offices of the City council of A Laracha (2º walked) or in the Municipal Swimming pool. The fee is of 5 euros to the absolute categories and freefor  the low of age, all the quotes included a t-shirt of the event.

Informative talk envelope the subsidies of the Deputation of A Coruña at the Culture Hall of Cee

The house of the Culture of Cee receives thisThursday,at 20:00 hours an informative talk envelope the subsidies of the Deputation organized by the provincial grouping of the PSdeG-PSOE. In this talk will take part the socialist spokeswoman in Cee, Margot Lamela Louzán, and Jessica Lgo, technical of the Deputation of A Coruña.

Mazachef and the III Campus of Soccer Fútbol,are proposals for kids in Mazaricos

The City council organizes two activities, the senior of the camp that already is to develop so that the girls and boys of Mazaricos have a fun summer and his families can conciliate. Begins the third Campus of Football. The technicians of sport of the City council hope that the success of the two previous announcements repeat this year. The registrations will do in the 981 86 71 04 in schedule of 08.00h. To 14.00h. The activity will be of the 23 to the 31 of July. They can noted girls and boys of Mazaricos and also of other city councils.

The Deputation of the Coruña invests 200.000 euros in the acquisition of vans for seven clubs of row and canoeing, among them Dumbría canoeing.

The president of the Deputation of A Coruña, Valentín González Formoso, the responsible deputy of the area of Sports, José García Liñares, and the deputies/the provincial Ánxela Frank, José Manuel Pequeño and Ángel García Seoane, was at the past Friday in A Coruña in the act of delivery of vehicles to seven clubs of row and canoeing of the province. The deputation of the Coruña invested 200.000 euros in the acquisition of vans for seven clubs of row and canoeing of the province, go in they the Municipal Sportive Club of Canoeing of Dumbría.

Active Summer in Laxe

The Department of Trade, Hostalery and Tourism of Laxe presents the activities program inside the project reLAXEse, stop the third quarter of this year 2018. This department considers that the sport is in yes even a differentiating value that allows to offer a program of ocio attractive stop the visiting. With this intention present a complete program of sportive activities stop this summer 2018. All they framed in the title "Active summer". The activities are directed to the senior people over 18 years, so for young people exists already a specific program in the Department of Sports. All the activities are of bucket stop the participants.

The photo tender with movile phone "Enfoques do Allo" comes back

After the success of participation reached the year happened with this activity, with more than three hundred instantaneous received, the City council of Zas reedits the contest also in this 2018. The II Contest of Photography with the Mobile "Enfoques do Allo" opened this past Sunday 1st of July the term of reception of photographies that will conclude on 20 August.

Summer in Cabana de Bergantiños

Summer arrives to Cabana de Bergantiños, during all the month of July the boys and girls of 4 to 12 years can take part to the program meniñeiro-conciliacion that realizes between 10:00 and  14:00 hours. Also it will be these days, of the 6 to the 9 of July, the trip of irmanamento the Traize-Sptiers, in France. The Neaño square receives this Sunday 8th of july , a festival of traditional dance.

"Cultural Summer" in Carballo

The Cultural Summer fills the months of July and August of a wide offer of shows that take place with an almost daily periodicity. It is organized by the Concellaría of Culture of the City council of Carballo in collaboration with diverse entities.

This weekends starts Gran Fondo de Ézaro 2018

The Gran Fondo Ézaro is one tests popular cyclist that takes place inside the incomparable frame of Costa da Morte, a zone of Galicia that constitutes an international appeal so much by his values paisajísticos and cultural as by his capacity of attraction of visitors and pilgrims. The route of the edition 2018 expanded his horizons and will pass along the city councils of Dumbría, Muxía, Walls, Dine, Carnota and Mazaricanos, a route that adds 141 kilometres with 3.000 metres of slopes accumulated. More than 1.200 cyclists (the best mark from the creation gives proof) will star this Sunday 8 July one give sportive appointments more important of the summer. Between them we will find big names like Mariano Lejarreta, Carlos Tailor, Javi Gómez Noya or Iván Rasca. It arrives the Gran Fondo Ézaro 2018, the only proof in Spain in the list gives UCI Big Bottom World Series.

"Asalto ao Castelo" celebrates the 550 years of the historical attack

It attaches the summer and with him, the heat of the fire of the fachos of the uprising of the Asalto ao Castle of Vimianzo. His vixésimoterceira edition will celebrate the Saturday 7th of July, with a week of previous activities in the that does not be missing the music, the theater, the gastronomy and sport.

A big farm machinery comes back to Mazaricos

The agricultural machinery goes back to the City council. Of this turn will be the 14 and the 15 of July in the multiusos of the Picota. Like this this second edition of the Joint of Agricultural Machinery of Mazaricos (Xumagra) afonda in the tradition agrogandeira of the City council. Stop the mayor, Juan José Blanco Riveiro "This announcement already is an indispensable event of the year in the City council, the Livestock-farming Week".

Torres do Allo receives the Fouciño Awards with the projection of the film “Historia dun Satélite”

The big day of the  Fouciño Prizes already is to the turn of the corner! This Saturday, Baio will be a benchmark stop the Galician audiovisual sector and stop the alternative music. But before we have to opened the doors the this third edition of this festival of cinema organized put City council of Zas. This will be tomorrow, Friday, in the Torres do allo from  21:00 h an act open for all the public.

Starts "Veran ao Natural" by Senda Nova.

One more year, Senda Nova shows all his the effort to adaptation to the half and to the climatology that  offers the possibility to attach us to the half with different visions and since perspectives that change of landscapes and carry to know other ecosystems. The objective is to attached of a deeper way to the natural reality. Since open actions it all and all but limited in participations to adapt  to the objective of the own action and to the sensibility of the half. In this year 2018 will do a repaso by  a day of different proposals in a total of six activities organized by Senda Nova and one more by the Platform in defence of Hill Neme. Of this way the VERAN AO NATURAL 18 converts in the summer with more activity of all those that carry done, a clear sample of the commitment and work of the voluntari@s of the association and of the improvement regarding material and installations, what allows to increase also the catalogue of activities.

CMAT participates in a workgroup to define the Enogastronómic Tourism Plan of Galicia.

CMAT took part in a workgroup, celebrated yesterday, in the Cofraternity of fishermen of Fisterra and that had like essence the debate envelope the Plan of  Enogastric Tourism of Galicia that propels it Xunta de Galicia through Tourism of Galicia.Our zone account with an enormous potential in this field: more of 300 gastronomic parties , 11 restaurants  Michelin Star , 37  Repsol Suns  in 25 restaurants and more than 50 restaurants that were certified in the year spent with the "Q Of Touristic Quality", what supposes that a 18% of the establishments of restoration of Spain, with this recognition, are Galician.Since IT CMAT intended to propel this type of tourism since the local zone "Costa da Morte".  Account with a series of factors very appropriate for disfrutar of a tourism gastronomico of quality that see given by the prime subjects of first order and upgrading of a sector in boom.That participation in this type of workgroups to CMAT intends to take relevance inside a type of tourism desestacionalizado and in the that the amplia offer goes destined it one ver majoritarian publish.In the future Strategic Plan of Tourism Enogastronómico, will have fit so much the underground kitchen as it more traditional, propelling to the even time to competitivity of the primary sector. Beside the CMAT also formed part of the same: the Associations of Mariscadoras of Rio Anllos and Muxía Natural , Brigantia Viajes, the Galp Costa da Morte, the GDR Costa da Morte and the restaurants As Garzas and O Fragón.Also they were like actors involved in the debate Marta Fernández, director of the Upper Centre of Hostalería of Galicia and Iñaki Gaztulmendi consultant of the World-wide Organisation of the Tourism (OMT) than carries 20 years working in the touristic sector, since the field of the management of touristic destinations, the strategic planning and the development projects.

CMAT will be present at the II Nautical Fair of Camariñas with four stands and a round table about sustainable tourism.

This weekend of 22, 23 and 24th of June, the nautical world will have his point of meeting in Camariñas. The II Nautical Fair of Camariñas that will inaugurate this next Friday, 22 of June, to the 11,15 h. The CMAT collaborates which organisation of the event betting by a senior promotion of this type of activities in the Costa da Morte. During this weekend, CMAT will have of four huts with information and material touristic of  Costa da Morte, explaining with the cooperation of the city councils of Costa da Morte and other local entities.

"REFLEXOS DE DUMBRÍA", Presentation of the Photo Exhibition by Santi Garrido.

The next Thursday, 21 of June to the 20:00 h., it will take place in the municipal installations of the Conco the presentation of the photographic exhibition Reflections of Dumbría. It treats of a small recopilación of the a lot of images that Santiago Garrido, journalist of Wool Voice of Galicia, has done of the ours city council. Through these photographs, Santiago, well sure, go to surprise and discover corners of the ours earth ignored stop many. Go to surprise with reflections of the Dumbría more known and also will discover us a big stranger, showing it to us such and as it is, without embellishments neither filigrams, natural.

Summer season starts at Caión

The season of bathroom in the beach of Caión began with the hoisting of the blue flag that will wave in the areal during all the summer. They took part in the act the mayor, José Manuel López Varela, the lieutenant mayor, José Ramón Martínez Fallow, the president of the Federation of Rescue and Socorrismo of Galicia, Nuria Rodríguez, and members of the team of rescue and socorrismo of the beach of Caión.

Towers of the Garlic will open all days from this Friday 15th of June

It begins the high season in the first pazo of Galicia. From this Friday 15 of June and tie the 15 of September, the monument of the City council of Zas will open all days. Monday to Friday the schedule will be of 11:00 of the morning to 20:00 of the afternoon; and the Saturday and Sunday will remain opened tie the 21:00 hours. There will be guided visits to everybody all the days at 13:00  to 17:00 that will have a length approximated of 50 minutes and in the that will be able to know the complete history of the pazo since the century XV to actuality, and visit the full surroundings of charms how the Centenary Oak grove of Vítor López-Seoane, the chapel of  San Pedro do Allo, the Miracle fountain of  Ramón, the Houses of Curros and pombal,ect...

The Laracha awarded with three blue flags

Yesterday, it celebrated at the city of  ACoruña the act of delivery of the Blue Flags 2018. The mayor, José Manuel López Varela, and the lieutenant mayor, José Ramón Martínez Fallow, assisted in representation of the City council of A Laracha and collected the three prizes conceded by ADEAC:

"Naufraxio" of Laxe was present in FESTUR

The City council of Laxe took part with the celebration of the "Naufraxio" In the 5ª edition of the Fair of Parties of Touristic Interest "Festur" That celebrated of the 7 to the 10 of June in the area of the International Fair of Galicia Abanca, in Silleda. Festur, it is a shop window of the offer of parties distinguished put his touristic interest, put that the Concellería of Tourism of Laxe bet to energize the appeal of the celebration of the Shipwreck of Laxe, with a stand own. The Mayor and the Councillor of Laxe assisted to the inaugural car that took place the Thursday 7 of June to the 16.30 hours in the exhibition area.

To 35º edition of Carballeira de Zas more folk than ever

Today it presented officially the poster and the novelties of the 35ª Edition of the Oak grove of Zas, appointment forced stop all the lovers of the folk celebrated in the first weekend of August (Friday 3 and Saturday 4). The presentation did da man of the Vice president and Responsible of the area of Culture of the Deputation of A Coruña, Goretti Sanmartín, the mayor of Zas, Manuel Mill, the Director of the Festival, Fidel Otero and the responsible of musical sponsorships of Estrella Galicia Víctor Mantiñán. Sanmartín highlighted "The importance of this festival of reference with big presence of Galician music that found with the entorno natural", as well as "The overrun and effort for having a better poster each year". His time, the director of the festival, Fidel Otero, confirmed that this year the festival goes back more folk that never.

Torres do Allo surpasses the 2.000 visitors since beginnings of year

Torres do Allo continues beating records of public month to month. In May were more of 700 the people that visited the monument and realized any of the his special activities. This supposes an increase of more of 70% with concerning the month of May of the previous year. In total they are 2.126 the visiting people since beginnings of year tie this 1 of June. A certainly spectacular increase concerning the 2017 in the that registered an accumulated of 1.637 people; and still more with concerning the 2016, in the that it accumulated was of 765 people. Therefore we speak of one increase accumulated of 30% and of 177% respectively.

Open the term of registration of summer activities in Dumbría

During the months of July and August will develop the program of summer activities devoted to boys and girls from the 5 years. By the mornings, go in the 11th and 13 h, will realize sportive and cultural activities in the installations of the Conco. To take part owes to deliver an application  signed by the mother, father or the tutores, at the cultural houses or  municipal offices before the 21th of June.

III Popular Career of the Apostol in the City council of A Laracha

The Association Adro of Vilaño, goes to third pole year of life with more force that never and with a clear objective, that is surpassed the figures of participation of the previous edition. It fits to remind that they were 700 the participants in this sportive event in the edition of the 2017.The routes will be equal to the of the year past, being designed for tódolos public, from boys of 3 years until veteráns, having prizes stop all they. The distance of the absolute proof will be of 10 Km that transcurrirán by Vilaño and a part of A Laracha.Of parallel form will develop the healthful and solidary March with a short circuit of 3,8 Km, that intends to achieve deep stop the most needed of the own City council.

The gatronomic route "Caión a bocados" opens the summer season.

The first edition of the route of cover "Caión a bocados" It presented today in the Archive of the Fishing of this offshore seat with the presence of members of the local government of the City council of A Laracha Organiser - and of representatives of the six venues participants in this initiative with the that will open the season of summer stop the touristic sectors and hotelier.

Vimianzo and Laxe together to the first time at the Penedos of Pasarela and Traba

The Friday 1 of June to the 20.00 hours in the Museum of the Sea of Laxe, round table titled "An impulse to the plan of preservation of the Crags of Pasarela and Traba". The touristic project relaxese 2018 devotes this second quarter of the year to boost the culture and the science through a series of activities with these thematic. One of the activities planned search to put in value of the macizo of the Crags of Runway and Fetter, already officially Declared Landscape Protected in the year 2009 by the Xunta de Galicia. With this reason, the Friday 1 of June to the 20.00 hours, there will be a round table in the Museo do Mar of Laxe.

Ponteceso will receive this wekend the 17th edition of "Volta Ciclista á Provincia da Coruña"

The city councils of Ponteceso, Curtis and Cariño will be this year the headquarters of the 17ª edition of the Cycling Turn to the Province of the Coruña, that will contest go in the days 1 and 3 of June and will explain with the participation of more of a hundred of cycling of the categories Élite and Sub-23, in the that forxan the new promises of this sportive discipline before arriving to the professional field.

The City council of Mazaricos suited to dairy products in the World-wide Day of the Milk

The 1st of June celebrates the World-wide Day of the Milk. To commemorate it, the City council will invite to dairy products it the one who attach by the municipal offices. For tusi use, thee Mazaricos cow will be in the municipal dependencies.

Dumbría Summer activities 2018

The City council of Dumbría presents and begins with the activities of Summer 2018, that this year will have a length of 6 consecutive months. Here you have a summer of 6 months, thought stop you and stop all, 6 months of summer without pause, 6 months of activities and events!! To enjoy of all what you want, test, discover and share; we go to realize a big variety of activities: cycling, championships, cultural and sportive events, activities of summer at the Conco, swimming pool, kaiak, tournaments, trips, magic, theater, marches, parties... And a lot of surprises. All a big variety stop all the publics, stop the neighbours of Dumbría, and so that the people of out also can take part of the events and like this discover and live it Costa da Morte.

Rexenera Fest will be the fourth international public art festival in Carballo.

Rexenera Fest will be the fourth international public art festival in Carballo. This fourth edition will take place from the 23rd of May to the 3rd of June 2018.  It will bring over 5 artists from different nations who will be painting 5 big murals around the town, there will also be of master classes, conferences, live music and a guide route. In this edition the chosen artists are Lula Goce (Galiza-Spain), Bosoletti (Argentina), Daniel Muñóz “SAN” (Cáceres-Spain), Milu Correch(Argentina) and Doa (Galiza-Spain).

Terra de Soneira assaults the castle

The organization of the Assault to the Castle of Vimianzo call to the neighbourhood of Terra de Soneira to take part in the party in the parade of the Irmandades Parroquiais. This will take place the Saturday 7th of July in the afternoon, and stop his realization are few the demands: commitment, go dresses like an irmandiños and wants to make it fun.To take part, the first is to have a group of people, was by means of an association or by free (minimum five individuals), and represent the any parish of the city councils of Vimianzo, Zas, Camariñas, Laxe or Cabin. Once confirmed the group there is that prpers put in contact with the association of the Assault to the Castle, well through the social nets, email info@asaltoaocastelo.org or of the telephone 669735349.To organizate this activity summons an informative meeting this Thursday 24th of May to the 20h30 in the Culture Hall of Vimianzo.

The city council of La Turballe will visit Camariñas

Of the 23 to the 28 of May will be in Camariñas a delegation of the French City council of Wool Turballe. It chairs this delegation the mayor of Wool Turballe Jean Pierre Blancherau and the president Dominique Floc´h of the association of irmandamento Wool Turballe Cap Camariñas. Inside this delegation also will visit us a craft that realizes the resorted by sea tie the sportive port of the Club Naútico of the ours city council for the first time.

The CMAT supports colaboration between the companies of the touristic sector of Costa da Morte.

Buceo Malpica proposes a visit of bucket them Sisargas, next Sunday, stop the companies of the touristic sector of the xeodestino. The Cmat supports the initiatives that favour the cooperation amongst companies of the touristic sector of the Costa da Morte, it all those activities that favour a mayor knowledge and divulging of the natural heritage y cultural of the xeodestino. The concordance go in the companies of the sector of to publicize the touristic resources of the destination, the complementary activities and the experiences that pueden disfrutar in all the territory is key to offer ósviaxeiros alternative attractive and of quality.

CMAT celebrates the second work group at the Culture Hall of Cee.

During yesterday morning, was developed at the Culture Hall of Cee the second work group that CMAT have planned for this month of May to obtain the wright answer from part of the agents involved in the editorial of a Plan of Tourism for it Costa da Morte. The sectorial table of Cee, explained with one increase in the sua participation being 10, the representates of public entities and 17 of entes deprived belonging to the city councils of Dumbría, Cee, Corcubión Fisterra, Carnota and Mazaricos. Also they wanted to be present eat entes supramunicipais the GALP "Sustainable coast".

The 17ª edition of " Volta Ciclista" to the Province of A Coruña begins in Ponteceso

The city councils of Ponteceso, Curtis and Affection will be this year the central headquarters of the 17ª edition of the Gone back Cyclist to the Province of A Coruña, that will contest between the days 1 and 3 June and will have the participation of more than a hundred of cyclists of the categories Elite and Sub-23, in which they forge the new promises of this sportive discipline before arriving to the professional field.

It begins Festiletras 2018

It arrives a new edition, to 36ª, of the biggest party of the Galician Letters of all it Costa da Morte. The small village of the Couto convertirase in the cultural epicentre of Galicia go in the days 16 and 20 of May. 5 full days of personalities and of activities stop all the publics. One of them devoted to the internet, another to the science and  another to the singular Villages, with this meeting that does of the village pontecesá the focus of recovery of the life in the rural. Tanxugueiras, Seats, and Terbutalina are the musical names that more sound, but besides will be people how the baiés scientist  Jorge Looks.

Torres do Allo will open on next thursday 17th of may, Day of the Gallician Letters

This week, the most visited monument of the City council of Zas, will receive the visit of the clubs of reading of the I.And.S. End of the Way of Fisterra, the I.E.S. Agra das Raíces de Cee, and the I.E.S. Maximino Romero of Lemma of Baio. This last also will visit the towers next Wednesday with a group of 1º and 2º of the . Like part of the didactic program of the Torres do Allo, that gave beginning at the beginning of month, students of all the region approach to the pazo to know his history through the didactic visits and enjoy of a bucolic outline participating in the special activities designed for them.

Deputation of A Coruña trust the management of the Dolmen of Dombate in the City council of Cabana de Bergantiños

The Deputation of the Coruña and the City council of Cabin of Bergantiños signed the agreement stop the management of visits of the Dolmen of Dombate that includes a program of activities around of the monument. The area of Heritage, directed put deputy Xesús Basement, continues like this with the model that puts the management of the heritage in hands of the city councils,

Carnota And Laxe they will receive this summer the courses of the sailor campaign of the Deputation of A Coruña

The city councils Carnota and Laxe, will receive this year, the courses of the campaign of sail 2018 of the Deputation of the Coruña. In them will be able to take part boys and boys go in the 9 and the 18 years, both ages included, belonging to the local field of each of the city councils that will be are of the activity.

The CMAT inaugurates his workshops at the Culture House of Vimianzo.

During morning of today developed the first of the three tables of work that have planned stop this month of May by part of CMAT (Costa da Morte Tourism Association) to obtain a true answer by part of the agents involved in the writeof a Tourism Plan for Costa da Morte.

A new activities complete the didactic offer of the Castle of Vimianzo

With the aim to complete and consolidate the offer for school public with one wide fan of proposals, the Castle of Vimianzo, managed directly from Govern it Municipal- presented the past Friday, "A Visita Ilustrada", in front of the curious look of more than 100 boys and girls, arrived of the distinct unitary schools of Carballo.

The Deputation of A Coruña confirms the improvement of management of the Towers of the Garlic with the assignment to the City council of Zas

The new model of management of the heritage that from there are two years develops the Deputation of the Coruña confirms, as the responsible, Xesús Basement, the improvement in the difusión and promotion of the goods by part of the city councils. In this felt, Deputation and City council of Zas went back to sign the agreement of collaboration that continues with the labor of promocionar a monument of reference in the Costa da Morte.

Tourism of Galicia agrees the signature of an agreement with the CMAT with an endowment of 150.000 euros.

The Council of the Xunta de Galicia authorised the past week a subsidy of 150.000 euros for the CMAT. Tourism of Galicia signs an agreement plurianual of collaboration with the CMAT so that this entity realise activities of assessment of the resources of the xeodestino Costa da Morte.

CMAT realizes a survey to develop the "Plan of Touristic Action".

"The CMAT, with the technical assistance of C&S Consulting Services, are realizing the Plan of Action of Tourism of the Costa da Morte stop the next years and need to know his point of view so that it go in all propel it Costa da Morte like touristic destination.

Ultra Trail "Costa da Morte " 2018

The Ultra Trail Costa da Morte is a proof of trail running of long distance divided in 7 stages. Ultras There is a lot of and want to do something totally different. From it does a time exist the proofs by stages. It does years were born the mythical Marathon give Sabres, Transalpine Run and others. His costs and logistical dismay, in a lot of cases, to the participation.

CMAT celebrated yesterday a meeting at the City council of Fisterra with distinct companies of plunge and sea tourism.

The CMAT celebrated yesterday a meeting at the City council of Fisterra with distinct companies of plunge and sea tourism. The mayors of Laxe and Fisterra and to lieutenant mayor of Corcubión and distinct associations of the Costa da Morte was there.

The 9th edition of Autocross City council of Carballo opens the autonomic calendar with the highest registration of the last years

With the 9° Autocross City council of Carballo begins this Saturday in the Municipal Circuit of Bértoa, organized by the escudería local Máis Motor, the Galician championship of the speciality. It Will be the first of the two appointments of the autonomic calendar that they contest in the ours small town; by the following will have to hope tie the 29 and 30 of September. 64 pilots, go in they the best drivers of the region, will struggle put triumph in the four categories in competition: 14 in the category of -1.600 c.c., 15 in the of +1.600, 31 in carcross and 4 in the of 4x4.

The City Council of Vimianzo participates in the showroom BTravel

The City council of Vimianzo participates today in the fair Btravel that develops in Barcelona invited by Deputation of A Coruña. It dictates IT fair is it more important to international level in the that to tourism of experiences refers .

The VI provincial Circuit of popular careers "Deputation of the Coruña", arrives to 10 city councils of the Costa da Morte

Vimianzo It receives one of the first careers this Sunday 22 of April. A total of 30 city councils of the province of the Coruña will receive, along the present year, other so many careers included inside the VI edition of the Circuit of popular careers "Deputation of A Coruña", organized by Sports Area of the provincial institution with the collaboration of the Galician Federation of Athletics.

CMAT convenes a local sectorial reunion with an objective to includes Costa da Morte in WAOH! Route.

The meeting will realize with date Friday 27 of April of 11:00 To 13:00H in the Salon of Plenaries of the City council of Fisterra. The past Tuesday 3 of April, to CMAT took part in the day of work of the European project "Wildsea Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route" (WAOH! Route), in the that Tourism of Galicia is partner beside other European entities. The object of the project is created an atlantic mark of tourism of sustainable plunge. Although the main activity is the plunge, also will include other nautical activities and/or realized in the coastal (routes in ship, surf, sighting of cetaceans...).

Deputation improves the provincial roads of Malpica and Ponteceso

B.O.P  publish today the announcement of approval of the Plan of Preservation of Provincial Roads 2018, that affect in this case to the city councils of Malpica and Ponteceso. The provincial institution invests 369.090,27 euros to fund the performances that will carry out in the DP 4307. In concrete, will proceed to the cleaning of the beirarrúas and pavements by both margins in the stretches considered.

Vimianzo celebrates this week the Monument and Places International Day

The 18th of April celebrates the  Monuments and Places International Day, designated by the UNESCO. A day for make aware to diversity of the heritage in all the world and the necessary efforts to protect it, and highlight his vulnerability. The city council of Vimianzo, inside the his strategic action to put in value the heritage like social tool, cultural and developmental local, joins the this celebration with different acts during the week.

"O Concello de Zas pon en marcha nas Torres do Allo un programa didáctico dirixido a centros educativos"

The next month of May start the own school activities of the Torres do Allo with visits and workshops for each cycle. All the Fridays the Pazo do Allo will be opened so that the school centres can visit it with previous reservation. The Concelleríla of Culture of the City council of Zas has smart an ambitious didactic program for the monument of the Torres do Allo. From the next month of May start the own didactic activities of the pazo. The Torres do Allo is an ideal place to realise a school visit in some natural surroundings, authentic and stimulating. The educational visits to the Torres do Allo complete with a varied offer of didactic workshops adapted to each school cycle.Through the web page of the Torres do Allo (www.torresdoallo.gal) The educational centres can download the School Folder where found all the details related with the workshops and didactic visits. All the activities, visits and workshops are free. Also they can inform through the electronic direction: info@torresdoallo.gal.

Senda Nova begins anew edition of "Xoves de Filme"

Following with the objective to highlight the ecological and cultural values of the bisbarra through documentary, the Association Senda New sets out a new day of the already known program XOVES DE FILME.

Yesterday it was inaugurated the new information point of the Way of Santiago-Fisterra-Muxía

This new point of information is fruit of the collaboration and the support of the city councils of Fisterra and Milked together with the Association Milked Rural Tourism and the devandita company. The pilgrims will find there wide information envelope to route xacobea that extende tie the devanditos city councils, and also will be able to contemplate a video promocional envelope the resources and touristic appeals of the same. Asemade, the City council of Milked edited a directory that collects all the offer of establishments that offer accommodation and gastronomía in the zone. The publication also will be dipoñible in the from Santiago de Compostela office.

Begans the first edition of "Camiño dos Faros" for the kids

The Saturday 21 of April in Camelle begins the I Way of the Faros Childish, in the that a small group of boys of 6 to 12 years accompanied of his parents and mothers will do with knots a piece of the Way of the Faros full of magic and adventures. This project is an evolution of the of Traski in Primary that is applying in varied schools with very good results.

Camino Clean will clean the waste of "Costa da Morte"

On 14th April Camino Clean celebrates his second edition that will consist in a trek of 8 km, the distance that separates Praia do Face and Lires, following the Camiño two Faros and the Way of Fisterra to Muxía. They will collect waste, like plastic and rubbish, that find along this route, keeping it clean and avoiding possible damages caused by these as, for example, the fires.

Special days to commemorate the craft of the region at Castle of Vimianzo

In this year 2018 that Europe claim the importance of the Cultural Heritage could not leave to celebrate the called "European days of Craft" Destined to attach the manufacturing arts the population. Workingshop, exhibitions and days of free doors open in general. Vimianzo do not take of surprise when comprising his Castle one of the Centres of Craft more important of all the national territory, place where the visitors can know in any period of the year the distinct crafts and traditional jobs.

The Fifth day of Pequebasket in Carballo open the inscription to the teams

The Wednesday day 11th of April, opens the term of registration stop the fifth edition of the DIA DO PEQUEBASKET. The School Basket Xiria expects to gather the next 17 of May in Oak to more of 600 girls and boys of 5 to 8 years of age, that will enjoy beside the his families of a day of sport, culture, games and entertainment. To the even time that follow to arrive applications of participation, the organizing team of the DIA DO PEQUEBASKET advances in the programming of the distinct apartados of the activity, that has a marked familiar character and that supposes, to the even time, a homage of the basketball carballés to the Day of the Galician Letters.

Presentation of the program of activities "Scientific and Cultural Spring" inside RELAXESE 2018

The Department of Trade and Tourism of Laxe presents the program of activities that frame inside the project  of the tourism relax, stop the second quarter of this year 2018. This Department considers that  culture and the science are differentiating values that allow to boost the tourism of quality, and  wants to continue working in favour of the protection of this typology of municipal resources. Ademáis, the Museum of Mar allows to open Laxe to the science and the culture since an especially wide perspective, what favours the achievement of these objective. With this reason, the due activities stop the months of April, May and June, inside the project of tourism #relaxese 2018 They frame in the title "Scientific and cultural spring".

The Deputation allocates 169.000 euros to the improvement of the streets in the cores of Ponteceso

Through the Only Plan, the provincial institution attaches 100% of the cost stop the realization of the work in different viais. The Deputation of the Coruña funds with 169.590,59 euros to improvement of the streets in the cores of Ponteceso, Couto and Corme. The provincial institution attaches 100% of the budget of this work in the Additional Only Plan (POS+ 2017).

Carballo Interplay gathers the digital contents sector in his Pro Day

 The professional day of the Interplay gathers tomorrow Thursday in producing Oak, platforms and media like Flooxer, PlayZ or CRTVG with creators and creative of digital contents. In addition to a zone of meeting, there will be two debates in the that will board the connection go in the television and the native contents of Internet but the audiovisual production for new meansThe program of the Thursday will close with the pitching of the finalist proposals of the Prize to project of webserie in Galician and with the première of Hai vida en Bran?, winning of the Prize in the past edition of the Interplay.

The Deputation presents the project of the Park do Megalithism of Costa da Morte to ten city councils.

The manager of the area of Tourism and Heritage of the Deputation of the Coruña, Xosé Regueira, kept this morning a meeting with municipal representatives of the ten city councils that will spend to integrate the project of impulse of the Park of the Megalistismo of the Costa da Morte. In the meeting, presented the main characteristics of an agreement collaboration supramunicipal with the that since the provincial institution intends propel the put in value of the elements megalíticos that possesses in the his territory.

A delegation of La Turballe will visit Camariñas in May

The activities of exchange go in the French city council of La Turballe and Camariñas continue in this year 2018. Of the 23 to the 29 of May, a group of more of 20 people, chaired put mayor of Wool Turballe, will know Camariñas and it Costa da Morte. The group vendrá by earth and also in crafts that amarraran during these days in the sportive port managed put Club Naútico of Camariñas.The program of visits guided and contacts is intensive, especially the Saturday 26 and the Sunday 27 of May. It go in the due acts will explain with the celebration of one Full Extraordinary of irmandamento accompanied of the izado of the French flags and of La Turballe in the City council of Camariñas that will explain with the presence of the mayor and the French group. This delegation will know to the boys and progenitors participants in the activity organized by the Library camariñana ?The berberecho revecho visit Wool Turballe? And they exchanged drawings and greetings.

“Con X de Laxe, con X de Peixe " a campaign to promote the fish like gastronomic appeal in the City council of Laxe

The Department of Trade, Hospitality industry and Tourism of Laxe launches a campaign called "Con X de Laxe, con X de Peixe" To promote the fishes that have X, and do of these a gastronomic appeal to municipal level. With this reason created a corporate image, with which pretends spread the slogan and the same time link fishes that carry the letter X in his name -as the xarda, to xuliana, the jurel, the abadejo, the curuxo, or the xouba- with the local gastronomy.

Ponteceso invents his own Saint Week with tradition, music and gastronomy.

The music and the gastronomy go to be very present this Saint Week, because the City council of Ponteceso organizes the first edition of the Party Marisqueira, an event that is born to reinforce the touristic appeal of the ours city council and to put in value the products of the ours estuary. 

The City Council of Vimianzo promotes a new archaeologic excavation in Castro das Barreiras

Into the plan of recovery of the Cultural Heritage, directed to the his put in value like cultural and touristic resource, the City council of Vimianzo will undertake us next days to excavation of the Castro of the Barriers.

This Saturday, begins the II Basket Surf Camp in Razo organized by Basket Xiria School

This Saturday 24 March, in Razo, will give beginning the second edition of the Basket Surf Camp.

The school of surf Artsurfcamp and the Escola Basket Xiria go back to join strengths to organise by second consecutive year the Razo Basket-Surf Camp. A camp that combines magistralmente the leisure, the tourism and the sport in the beach of Razo, Carballo, A Coruña.

Vimianzo shows an intensive programing of activities to enjoy of heritage during the Saint Week.

Vimianzo Continues to bet by the Heritage like mark of identity and revulsivo tourist.

The municipality that has a mediaeval castle in exceptional state of conservation, like emblem and icon, boasts in addition to a lot of other treasures patrimoniales that each season claims through diverse activities to spread his history and value.

Amparanoia and Ialma will assault the Vimianzo´s Castle

With a womans voice begins to sound the XXIII Asalto ao Castelo of Vimianzo. The music fusion of Amparanoia and the Galician tradition of Ialma are the first notes to compose the cartaz of the party of the irmandiños of the Costa da Morte. The Saturday 7 July will be the big day of a celebration with a pile of activities that will go desvelando little by little.

Las Torres do Allo extend his programming during the Saint Week

This Saint week see loaded of novelties and events in the Torres do Allo, in the City council of Zas. The first of them is the extension of the days and opening schedules of the monument, that will open every day of 24 March to 1 April 11:00 to 20:00 hours; keeping the visits guided free to the 13:00 and to the 17:00.

Deputation invests one million of euros in the Way of Fisterra.

The Deputation allocates 1.012.495 euros the this project, of which 893.378 correspond to the budget of the works and other 119.116 euros to the expropriation of the predios necessary to execute the works. This investment realises inside the Plan of Both Peatonales, that pretends to improve the road security of the labourers in all the roads of provincial titularity. Likewise, the Deputation realises this type of performances especially in those stretches by which discurren the both jacobeas, with the aim to improve the endowments for the pilgrims and avoid that they have to transitar by the shod or the arcenes, with the consistent danger.

42 webseries of all the world compete in the official section of the V Festival Carballo Interplay

42 webseries of all the world will compete in the official section of the fifth edition of the Festival of digital contents Carballo Interplay, that will celebrate  the days 4, 5, 6 and 7 of April in the from A Coruña small town and that will deliver more of 5.000 euros in prizes. Such and as they advertised this morning through one come in direct Sonia Méndez and Sandra Lesta, the V Carballo Interplay chose, go in more of 250 proposals arrived of all the world, a total of 3 Galician proposals and in Galician, 12 of the rest of the been and 27 of the rest of the world. 

Half hundred of sportive cars fill the Campo da Feira of A Picota

Not even the bad time won win them of the owners of sportive cars to teach them in Mazaricanos. The first in arriving were the lucenses, against the 10.30h and, at 11.00h were arriving all the other. Like this, this second edition of the Concentration of Sportive Cars of Mazaricanos had 50 vehicles. After the arrival tasted some pinchos and, later did a route that went out of the Pillory, went down to Carnota and went up the Saw of Outes in front of the astonished look of several pedestrians of the neighbouring city councils. In the concentration were present the Galician champion of rallies 2006 and 2007 José M. Barmarti And the 5 times Galician champion of rallies and 2 times highland Galician champion, Manuel Senra Caamaño.

It begins a new edition of #CamiñoSenLímites

New edition of the inclusive version of the Camiño dos Faros is already begin. The term of registration is opened for the first stage (Saturday 17th March Caión - Baldaio) of the Unlimited Way 2018. The initiative of the Federation of Anpas of the Costa da Morte-Coruña gives until  14th March like term limit to inscribe  in this series of the Camiño dos Faros.

Interplay reveals the program of the his professional day

Globomedia, 2 btube, Hitsbook and Infomix add to Flooxer ( Atresmedia), Mtmad ( Mediaset), Playz (RTVE Digital), CRTVG and Playground in the first professional day of the Carballo Interplay, that will celebrate the day 4 April like an appetizer of the Festival of Digital Contents, whose fifth edition will extend to long of all this first week of April.

Mazaricos delivers 2.000 rations of "Bolo do pote" in the XX edition of the party

The  Mount Picoto Association and the Association of housewives of Mazaricos. "This year was the year that more people comes to this party", declared Angelita, one of the cooks. The carp remained small and the cold did not deter anybody, by what some of the people had to do use of the banks of the field of the fair to taste the manjar. The president of the Association of Innkeepers, Jorge Jurjo also signalled  like a "Success" the announcement for the local innkeepers of the villa.

Wide the term for the contest of Posters of the "Rosary da Boa Morte".

Extension of the term of presentation of works. Because of the diffusion, by involuntary mistake, of a date of presentation of distinct works to which appears in the bases, and with the exclusive purpose to avoid any type of confusion, expands  the term of presentation of works until next Wednesday 7 March 2018 to the 15.00 hours.

The CMAT gathered with the GDR and the GALP Costa da Morte for the assessment of possible collaborations for this year.

Along this Tuesday began the meetings of the Association of Tourism of Costa da Morte ( CMAT) with the GALP Costa da Morte and the GDR in the thirst of this last in Vimianzo. At the meeting assisted the managers Guillermo González (GALP) and José Antonio Vila ( GDR) and the presidents of both entities Evaristo Lareo (GALP) and Manuel Muiño Espasandín ( GDR), that interviewed during the morning with representatives of the directive of the CMAT. The object of these meetings was to study and value possible colaboraciónes along the exercise 2018 to improve the aprovechamiento of the synergies and the optimisation of the resources, favouring the coordination between the different agents that work by a greater socioeconomic development of the territory and a greater promotion of the zone.

The Telegraph includes The lighthouse Way in his best holidays of adventure.

The British newspaper The Telegraph has included to the Lighthouse Way between his 50 better proposals on holiday of adventure in the world, as they have stood out today the impulsores of this route. In his list, the newspaper adds other five proposals of the European continent. Like this, they appear visited in Byelorussia, Ireland, the islands Azores, Andorra and Turkey, that allow the contact with animal species, sports like the kayak or underwater surroundings.

The Way to Fisterra-Muxía will add footpaths and an information office to the pilgrim in the Door of the Way.

The Way to Fisterra and Muxía will add more footpaths, until completing seven kilometres. The provincial deputation approved a project for the construction of 5.180 metres of Footpaths, "that will contribute to improve the security two pilgrims in the prolongation Fisterra-Muxía", second explains the provincial body, inside the performances that carries out with a budget of 893.000 euros.

The third edition of the contest "A Laracha de tapas" will celebrate on 9th to 11th of March.

"A Laracha de tapas" will go back on Friday 9th to Sunday 11th of March with the third edition of this contest that the City council of the Laracha organises with the local products and with the colaboratio of restoration sector. The City council of A Laracha realised a campaign to inform individually to all the establishments innkeepers of the municipal capital on the possibility to aim and participate in the event. The term of registration will finalise the Wednesday of next week, day 28 February. As they stipulate the bases of the contest, each establishment participant will present an only covers original, designed specifically for the contest, that will have to have the disposal of the public to the price of 1 euro (consumición separate) in the following schedules:

VI Viking Trail of Carnota.

Already it arrives the Saint Week carnotana and with the VI CARREIRA VIKINGA, the trail that already carries six years celebrating and that this year is the Sunday 1 April. The exit will be in front of the house of the city council and goes headed to all/them them/the runners/the from the 4 years, since there will be three categories. From the 16 years, the runners that like him the sport and the mountain will be able to visit 19 kms in an incomparable natural place by the mountains of Carnota, of steps by cortafogos or by waterfalls. Already you can you inscribe in http://vikinga.galitiming.com/

Camino Clean y #CostadaMorte cooperate for the sustainability

The movement "Camino Clean" arrives to the Costa da Morte on March 3rd with one objective main: the care of the environment and the protection of the zone.

The Galician Coast is one of the senior touristic appeals of the ours surroundings. Keep the value of east and other natural resources, is the main objective of Camino Clean, an action promoted by Tee Travel, one of the agencies of trips specialized in the Way.

The City Council of Carnota presents VII BTT Route

The day 29th March, inside the programming of the "Vindemo Ver", the City council of Carnota organises the VII ROUTE BTT. The proof, with a half difficulty-high, has a length of 37 kilometres aprox. The collected of dorsal will do from the 8:30 in the house of the City council and the proof will give beginning to the 10:00 of the mañán with exit and arrival in the same point that the collected of dorsal. The proof will have service of gardaroupa, an avituallamento intermediate and another at the end. The pavilion, situated to excasos metres of the arrival, will be the disposal of the runners so much for ducharse how for the washed of bicycles. Likewise entregaráse a memorial gift for all the participants.

Showcooking in Laxe by Iván Domínguez

This Saturday 3rd of February at 11.00 at the Museo do Mar of Laxe receives a workshop of kitchen titled "KITCHEN And INNOVATION" which pretends  promote the innovation at the kitchen and offer new culinary experiences. The expectancy is maximum because the live demonstration will be directed by the prestigious cook Iván Domínguez, chef of the restaurant Alborada (A Coruña), with special connection with Laxe. The activity is free for the public.  This workshop forms part of the project  reLAXEse 2018, organised by the Department of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Laxe, in collaboration with the Provincial Deputation of A Coruña.

The City council of Vimanzo programsactivities destined to the kids

The City council of Vimianzo, inside the program Apego of linguistic normalisation goes to organise during the months of February and distinct March destined activities to the and to the more captives of the house. The programming will begin the Sunday 4 February with the play of Productions disperse The soto of the prodigios. After the parties of the Carnival to appointment will be the Sunday 25 with the show circense of Peter Punk Chungo!. Already in the month of March the Saturday 3 the counter Caxoto will bring them A book under the almohada.

Camariñas receives the National Award of Fashion and Business Excellence for his work to preserve the "encaixe".

The prize will be delivered the next 31th of January at the Palace Casa de America, in where it will celebrate  a dinner for winners with all the rewarded and nominated. City Council of Camariñas will do him  delivery of a trophy and a supporting award, in addition to different stickers with the sign of the prize that will be delivered between the trades of the zone and that they will be able to be employed in advertising campaigns or of divulging.

The City council of Zas delivers 2.500 euros in the III Mostra of Theatre "LabartaPosse"

The City council of Zas organises the III Sample of Theatre  "Labarta Pose" With which pretends, by a part, boost the culture especially in the field of the performing arts and, by another, favour the theatre done in Galicia and in Galician. In this edition, incorporated  the name of Labarta Pose to commemorate the figure of the writer baiés. In the contest will be able to participate all the groups or companies of theatre of the community and, like novelty, this year is opened also the natural or juridical people so much public how private. 

Ver Concello

CMAT as a paradigm of public-private collaboration in Galicia

The tourism management of the Costa da Morte, a paradigm of public-private collaboration in Galicia



ZAS, 5 June 2024. CMAT and APTCM were invited this Wednesday by the Association of Municipalities of the Mariña Lucense, as paradigmatic examples of coordination between the public and private sectors, to a day of reflection and exchange of experiences in the CENIMA Building in Foz.The day, framed in the SICTED project (Integral System of Tourist Quality in Destination) in the Mariña, began at 10:45 a.m. and included a Round Table, in which Mr. Manuel Muíño, president of CMAT, and Mrs. Rosa Sánchez, member of APTCM, had the opportunity to share their experiences and good practices in tourism management, highlighting their models of cooperation and joint projects.

45 empresas comezan formacións SICTED na Costa da Morte

45 companies and tourist services of Costa da Morte started on Monday 6th May the trainings of the Tourist Quality System in Destination (SICTED)


The Sociocultural Centre of Baio (Zas), was the setting for the first meeting of this year between the actors of the tourism ecosystem that have the goal of being part of the SICTED and obtain the distinctive Commitment to Tourism Quality. The Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT), thanks to the support of Turismo de Galicia and the Deputación of A Coruña, joined SICTED in 2023, a project of the Secretary of State for Tourism (Setur), co-financed by the Deputación da Coruña. It has its own methodology, which contributes to the implementation of a quality management system in the destinations, counting on local public and private tourism agents.


#StayatHome: Costa da Morte literature tour


Costa da Morte can be known through many of its attractions: the gastronomy, its festivals and pilgrimages, the legends surrounding it ... and also through literature. From cantigas to today poetry, many writers have passed through our land to be inspired, to tell stories and to leave their mark on the collective culture of the Costa da Morte.


Important information: Scrolls during the Coronavirus alert


Because of the situation created by COVID-19, the European and Spanish health authorities, as well as the different administrations, recommend restricting trips that are not essential. Furthermore, as a preventive measure, events and activities were canceled or postponed until the situation will stibilize


The CMAT and the Costa da Morte municipal mayors support the Camiño dos Faros Association in consolidating it as a long-distance route


CMAT, as manager of the Costa da Morte geodestine, attended last Friday June 28, a meeting of the Camiño dos Faros Association in Vimianzo, which brought together all the mayors of the Costa da Morte town halls.

Costa da Morte carries out the presence of the Diputación de A Coruña in MIMOC


The Deputation of A Coruña collaborates and participates in the II International Fair of the world of Ocio-Mimoc 2019 with its own space and collaboration with the municipalities of the Costa da Morte that star in a broad program of activities that will be developed along the fair that runs until Sunday 17 of February.

GALP Costa da Morte celebrated a day of familiarization for the Ruta dos Faros


Last Monday, December 3rd, a day dedicated to highlighting the tourist resources linked to the Ruta dos Faros de Galicia that are found in the municipalities that this organism includes.

This activity, to which all the companies associated to Gala Gala were invited, enjoyed the representation of almost twenty of the tourist entities of the territory, who announced the potentialities of their businesses and the surroundings that surround them to the other participants through a journey of networking held in Cabo Vilán Lighthouse. The creation of the network of contacts continued during the meal while a selection of seafood dishes was tasted at O ​​Rincon da Baiuca.

Fisterra has a new office of tourism and attention to the pilgrim.


Yesterday Thursday 12th of July, opened his doors the Office of Tourism and Attention to the Pilgrim of the City council of Fisterra. The schedule of attention to the public will be of Monday to Sunday of 10.30h to 14.00h and of 16.00 to 20.00h. With you are servicio the city council of Fisterra, intends to give answer to the increase of the pilgrimage of the #CostadaMorte, its being one of the points but important finish of the way.