Festa da Carballeira de Baio

30/06/2024 - 30/06/2024


Festa da Carballeira de Baio

The next 30th of June - last Sunday of the month - will celebrate the Festival of the Carballeira de Baio; a party with a great family spirit and full of tradition that year after year brings together hundreds of people.

One of the main novelties of this edition is the sardiñada that will take place before the vermouth session and in which sardines will be distributed free of charge among all the attendees. The traditional music group of the Atrio Cultural Association will be in charge of livening up the sardiñada. From then on, the music will continue throughout the day. The Dúo D Fiesta and the Dúo Veneguay will be in charge of the vermouth session and the verbena; and the Charanga Santa Compaña, who will play their music throughout the afternoon.

In order to preserve this natural space - included in the Galician Catalogue of Singular Trees - and so that everyone can enjoy the festival, it is not allowed to build fires on the ground, set up closed tents, use musical equipment or park on the site.

The Baio Carballeira Festival is organised by the Council of Zas, with the collaboration of the Atrio Cultural Association and the Baio Festival Committee.



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