Meses con R, apuesta segura

18 establishments on the Costa da Morte will offer menus and dishes based on local zero-kilometre gastronomy, which can be enjoyed during the weekends from October to December.

The campaign "Meses con R, Apuesta Segura" is supported by the Regional Ministry of the Sea, Agader and Turismo de Galicia and aims to promote the local zero kilometre gastronomy of the Costa da Morte, during the weekends of October, November and December, the season when seafood is at its best. Diners will be able to taste menus or dishes based on local gastronomy, mainly fish and seafood from the Costa da Morte fish markets, as well as produce from the market garden.

This initiative, promoted by APTCM and with the collaboration of CMAT, seeks to deseasonalise demand, allowing the enjoyment of seasonal products outside the summer months and highlighting the richness of Costa da Morte products.

The 18 establishments participating in this campaign, which in turn seeks to promote collaboration between the tourism and fishing sectors of the territory, are the following:

  • A Lonxa D´Álvaro
  • A Marina de Camariñas
  • As Garzas
  • Asteria Beach
  • Balarés Hotel
  • Carrumeiro
  • Liresca
  • Mar da Morosa
  • Mar de Queo
  • Morada da Moa
  • Náutico de Razo
  • Mar de Preciosa
  • Moncho
  • Refuxio do Náufrago
  • Parador Costa da Morte
  • Pontemaceiras
  • Río Sil
  • Tira do Cordel

Some of the products on which the menus will be based include the Curly Grelo, the Coristanco Potato, the Seafood Bean, the Carballo Bread, the Anllóns Cockle, the Spider Crab, the Octopus or the huge variety of fish from the fish markets of the Costa da Morte.

You can find all the information about this campaign "Months with R, a safe bet" on CMAT's social networks.