Actividades deportivas 2023/2024

Actividades deportivas 2023/2024

02/10/2023 - 30/06/2024

Primavera enDanza

Primavera enDanza in Carballo

12/04/2024 - 30/04/2024

More info: https://carballo.org/novas.php?id=9335&idioma=gl&sec=30

2024 Lyrid meteor shower

Lyrid meteor shower

14/04/2024 - 30/04/2024

When to watch in 2024: Late evening April 21 until dawn April 22 will be best. The predicted peak is 9:23 UTC on April 22. The peak of the Lyrids is narrow (no weeks-long stretches of meteor-watching, as with some showers). In 2024, the full moon falls at 23:49 UTC on April 23. So meteor watching will be impacted by a bright waxing gibbous moon.

April of Books at Dumbría libraries

April of Books at Dumbría libraries

16/04/2024 - 30/04/2024

In April, the five municipal libraries of Dumbría host activities for children to commemorate the Book Month and the World Book and Copyright Day.

Access to all activities is free of charge until full capacity is reached.

World Starlight Night

World Starlight Night

20/04/2024 - 20/04/2024

World Night in Defence of Starlight, also known as World Starlight Night, since it is the Starlight Foundation the promoter of this highlight. The World Starlight Night coincides with the signing in 2007, during the First International Starlight Conference, of the "Declaration of Palma in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Observe the Stars", which aims to consider the sky as a universal heritage to be valued as a cultural, scientific and landscape resource, and to establish the criteria for this.