You will get to know our surroundings by enjoying your hobbies or discovering new sensations.

Ver Concello


There are over 500 km of MTB track of varying degrees of difficulty running through the spectacular countryside and nature of the region. For lovers of the outdoors and sport, cycle touring is a great way to combine exercise with tourism. You travel by bike to visit the tourist attractions and sites that you find on the way.  It is supposed to be fun, not a race, so it does not really class as being a sport in the truest sense. You can plan trips of any length, from one day to various weeks. A person in good shape and with a bike loaded with gear can cover 50 to 150 km per day, depending on the terrain. That makes it possible to cover great distances in just a few days.

Coasteering and abseiling

Coasteering, also known as Coastering, is an adventure sport which consists of travelling a coastal route wherever it goes, combining hiking, cliff jumping, exploring caves, snorkelling, climbing, abseiling, crossing rope bridges, etc. It is a type of extreme trekking.

Parapenting and Hang-gliding

Carballo is one of the municipalities in our region which attracts lovers of parapenting who come in search of our famous winds. From the beach at Razo you can try parapenting and hang-gliding. There is also a great parapenting spot near to Leira beach.

Pony trekking


Pony trekking is an important element of the rural tourism on offer in the area. It is a great way to discover villages and places off the beaten track on the Costa da Morte.