"Naufraxio" of Laxe was present in FESTUR

 "Naufraxio" of Laxe was present in FESTUR

The City council of Laxe took part with the celebration of the "Naufraxio" In the 5ª edition of the Fair of Parties of Touristic Interest "Festur" That celebrated of the 7 to the 10 of June in the area of the International Fair of Galicia Abanca, in Silleda. Festur, it is a shop window of the offer of parties distinguished put his touristic interest, put that the Concellería of Tourism of Laxe bet to energize the appeal of the celebration of the Shipwreck of Laxe, with a stand own. The Mayor and the Councillor of Laxe assisted to the inaugural car that took place the Thursday 7 of June to the 16.30 hours in the exhibition area.

Also, FESTUR 2018, was the shop window in the that presented officially the spot advertising of the Shipwreck with the that will do the promotion of the party this year 2018. This City council thanks to the Red Cross of Laxe, to the Confrerie of Fishermen of Laxe, and to the family Rei de Nande, his collaboration and help in the render it to me of material to decorate the stand.

Department of Tourism of Laxe requested a subsidy of 3.000 euros in front of the Agency Tourism of Galicia, with ends of promotion and difusión touristic stop the celebration of the 56ª edition of the Shipwreck that commemorates this year 2018. Also it signed a protocol of collaboration of 1.500 euros with ABANCA. This budget, already confirmed, allowed the collaboration by second consecutive year with the Confrerie of Fishermen of Laxe in the organisation of the Party. The subsidy will go destined to hire a band of pipes stop the procession of the 17 of August, and to cover the expenses of signage design and promotion in press writing, social nets and radio. The investment will complete with the design and installation of advertising flags that will place the final of July along the maritime walk.

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