A Christmas full of activities in Mazaricos

A Christmas full of activities in Mazaricos

Christmas comes to Mazaricos full of events to enjoy. The first of them this week, with the Christmas edition of Mazachef, the successful culinary course of the culinary class. On Thursday, the course of personal defense for women on Saturday morning and the Christmas Festival of the Music School in the afternoon.

The mayor, Juan José Blanco Riveiro, wanted to emphasize that "three campaigns will be carried out, one for the promotion of local commerce, with the raffle of € 50, another of tourism, in which the prize will be a weekend of tourism in the City Council and a third in which the children and boys will write their wishes for the city council ".

After that, the inauguration of the wooden Bethlehem or the great concert of Tania Fuegho is held at 22 at 10 in the evening, for which it is mandatory to reserve tickets by calling 981 86 71 95. On the following day, on Sunday, María del Carmen Rey Núñez will present his work "Women".

On Wednesday 26th, Thursday, 27th and Friday, 28th will be the ideal time for children and children, as they will have different workshops for mornings and movies in the afternoon at the Casa de Cultura. There was no need for the big dance of the elderly on the 30th at the House of Culture. The New Years Day is reissued by Carrera do Leite, which was suspended last year by weather. When arriving to run will be the IV Brinde Leiteiro.

On Saturday 5 there are two chocolates: one in the morning, accompanied by a concert of kings in San Cosme de Antes and another in Picota after the ride of His Majesties that will return to visit Mazaricos by tractor.

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