Also for that, we are Galifornia


Also for that, we are Galifornia

Sacramento had an alone inhabitant in the 2011. This sentence that seems taken out of a novel of George Orwell was, however, a reality six years ago. No in the Californian capital, where then more than 400.000 inhabitants enjoyed of the way of lifeamericano more relaxed, but yes in Galicia.

The Galician community shares with the coast west of United States a good bunch of common characteristics: beaches of dreams, long maritime walks to visit in bici, dusks of film and, of course, the soft temperatures of the two last years that have carried to the community to be known like Galifornia.

Further of these similarities, the nomenclátor puts of relief the true coincidences between Galicia and California, although, this yes, behind the toponymy hide peculiarities of the very move# away community of Venice Beach and surroundings that can be equal or more attractive that the Observatory Griffith.

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