Amparanoia and Ialma will assault the Vimianzo´s Castle

Amparanoia and Ialma will assault the Vimianzo´s Castle

With a womans voice begins to sound the XXIII Asalto ao Castelo of Vimianzo. The music fusion of Amparanoia and the Galician tradition of Ialma are the first notes to compose the cartaz of the party of the irmandiños of the Costa da Morte. The Saturday 7 July will be the big day of a celebration with a pile of activities that will go desvelando little by little.

The party is celebrating the 550 years of the war irmandiña (1467-1469). This year it will be devoted to the historical round of the that few data have . desconoce The concrete date in which the vecindario attacked the fortress vimiancesa to struggle against the nobility and the feudal system. Amparo Sánchez decided the past year restart the group Amparanoia in the twenty anniversary of his first and successful album He can of Machín. All a homage to a group that did part of the soundtrack of his generation and of the newest. Artists very recognised like Manu Chao, Macaco, Milestone and Fitipaldis or Chambao collaborated with a version of his subjects.
The intention was to gather at least during one turns, but the success achieved was such that finish to announce new single this same week "Come you pa Barna", and Vimianzo is his first confirmation known for this summer.

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