Appointing to Sementando no espazo, the new Senda Nova community garden!

Appointing to Sementando no espazo, the new Senda Nova community garden!

Spring is getting closer, and in Senda Nova, new projects and activities are already beginning to emerge!

Sementando no espazo, is a new project related to the ecological garden, and the environmental education, which is based on the cession of spaces to all people interested in cultivating their own ecological foods and continue learning about this type of garden. Sementandono espazo is born with the main objective of providing children and adults, the possibility of cultivating their own foods, in a common space and living together, in which to continue learning about the ecological garden, healthy eating, etc. through their own companions or of the formations that will be carried out.

This project combines different activities and proposals such as gardening activities, assignment of individual parcels, common plots, talks, workshops, visits to other spaces, visits and activities of groups of our orchards etc. which will make it a great meeting point to follow learning in a fun and community way.

Most of the activities, and the assignment of the plots will be carried out in the Nature Reserve of Oza (Carballo), where we have indoor and outdoor facilities (greenhouse, training room, library, garden ...) that will allow us to carry out different activities in each of them spaces

In order to participate, the interested parties only have to contact the organization by sending an email to sendanova@hotmail.com or by calling 611037614 and as soon as possible, as there are currently limited places due to the arable space we have at this time.Both the enrollment, the assignment of plots or the activities that will be carried out are totally free, and everyone can participate, without the need to be members of Senda Nova.

In the following link you will find all the information about the project in a more detailed and detached way: http://www.sendanova.org/proxectos/sementando-no-espazo

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