Begans the first edition of "Camiño dos Faros" for the kids

Begans the first edition of "Camiño dos Faros" for the kids

The Saturday 21 of April in Camelle begins the I Way of the Faros Childish, in the that a small group of boys of 6 to 12 years accompanied of his parents and mothers will do with knots a piece of the Way of the Faros full of magic and adventures. This project is an evolution of the of Traski in Primary that is applying in varied schools with very good results.

  • Schedule of the activity: At 17:00 to 20:00 hours (remained to the 16:30 hours in the Beach of Camelle)
  • Route: Beach of Camelle - Punta da Cruz da Rosa - Beach of Camelle. 
  • Distance: 6 kilómetres
  • Maximum Number : 25 ( always accompanied by an adult )
  • Ages: 6 to 12 years. After registration, will divide in 2 groups (until 8 years: blue tracks and 8 to 12 years: green tracks)
  • Thematic: Traski, Hand, fantasy and history of the stretch.
  • Indispensable for boys and adults: Footwear that grab so much to the floor eat the ankle, since we go to walk on stones of granite, the best are boots of hiking. We can not leaving take part it somebody by not having the suitable footwear.

"It says and forget. It teachs, remember and learn" Like this it referred Benjamín Franklin to the process of teaching-learning.

The objective of the activity no dista at all of the that the author intended with the his famous sentence. We want that the boys perceive his daily reality, that know the history of the his earth, that feel his each corner, in this case, of this plot of the Costa da Morte. The exhibition of data of oral form and the visionado in screen of images are a good support stop any task that involve to learn, but lived in situ and in direct, through the magic of the his nature pétrea, forest and bravo and of the fantasy guided by the trasno Traski, fan of this type of experiences a good method of acquisition of geography, society and culture of the place.

In addition to the academic knowledges of the that the boys empapan, learn to enjoy of the his surroundings observing details, nuances, situations in the that so far perhaps would not repair.

The fact to do it through the fantasy and with one objective community attaches capacity of work in team and social skills to relate with the other equal. No only they win new friendships and learn to enjoy of them, also win vicinity with the his families, when being the parents a necessary support in the resolution of the proofs. No only the boys go out winning with the activity. The adults learn to get was this boy that usually is hid in any place and that in the daily life usually not go out. They know more to the his children when taking part actively with them. Interaccionan With other boys and adults. 

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