CMAT travels to Rimini for the promotion of #CostadaMorte

CMAT travels to Rimini for the promotion of #CostadaMorte

The 54th edition of the international fair of tourism TTG Incontri initiated the past weekend in the city Italian spa of Rimini with the presence of more than two thousand expositores, 70 one thousand professional operators and a thousand of buyers of 85 countries.

Pablo White-haired, like representative of the CMAT, moved to the Italian city to give account of all the products and tourist packages that offer from the geodestino #CostadaMorte. In the frame of the sample of three days, developed simultaneously the living rooms SIA GUEST, devoted to the sector hotelero, and SUN, centred in open spaces like the campismo, with a varied offer of exhibitions, seminars and conferences, in addition to the negotiations and signature of agreements. More than 300 activities integrated the program of the fair in three thematic areas and sectors: Global Village (aldea global), The World (the world) and TTI Travel Trade Italy.. For the inaugural day initiated with a conference on "The marketing like digital resource for the small company", another on "Solutions to improve the received of the guests" and a seminar on "The promotion of the commercialisation on line of the hotel: campaigns and operative strategies".The event loaned particular attention in this occasion to the future and the innovation in the tourist sector by means of the introduction of technological advances, the creativity and the new offers of products and services through digital marketing and the social networks. TTG Incontri Is one of the two main Italian annual fairs of his type, beside the International Stock exchange of Tourism (BIT) of Milan.

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