Devesa da Lúa Park

An open, natural park with many oak trees on the banks of the river that runs through it. It is known as "Devesa da Lúa" as it has a half-moon shape. It is a lovely place for a walk; there are walkways, wooden bridges and riverside watermills which make it a wonderful place to escape for a while.

In the forest you can find the Castro de Berdeogas (not excavated), the church of Santiago de Berdeogas, a dovecote and an hórreo(grain store). The hórreos are used to store the corn after it is harvested. In this case, due to its proximity to the church and the vicarage, as well as being constructed of good stone, it must have belonged to the cleric or to the most powerful families in the parish. This specific hórreo is quite special due to its size and shape. It is the largest one in the Dumbría region and it is irregular. Its base columns are not in pairs: there are 15 on the north side and 16 on the south.

This is where the Festa da Familia is held on the Sunday in the last fortnight of July. It is a chance for local families to get together to enjoy a day out in the countryside. There is a church service, traditional music and dancing, empanada, barbecued ribs and wine. The fiesta is supported by the local council.