Dumbría Summer activities 2018

Dumbría Summer activities 2018

The City council of Dumbría presents and begins with the activities of Summer 2018, that this year will have a length of 6 consecutive months. Here you have a summer of 6 months, thought stop you and stop all, 6 months of summer without pause, 6 months of activities and events!! To enjoy of all what you want, test, discover and share; we go to realize a big variety of activities: cycling, championships, cultural and sportive events, activities of summer at the Conco, swimming pool, kaiak, tournaments, trips, magic, theater, marches, parties... And a lot of surprises. All a big variety stop all the publics, stop the neighbours of Dumbría, and so that the people of out also can take part of the events and like this discover and live it Costa da Morte.

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