Get to know the Sisargas Islands


Get to know the Sisargas Islands

The Sisargas are a group of islands that are located in front of the coast of Malpica de Bergantiños, in Costa da Morte. Its surface does not reach the square kilometer and the distance that separates them from the land is approximately 800 meters. The group consists of three islands: Sisarga Grande, Sisarga Chica and Malante, as well as some islets around.

One of its main attractions is the lighthouse that crowns Sisarga Grande, which can be accessed from the pier following a path of approximately two kilometers. Known as Santo Hadrián lighthouse, it is one of the oldest constructions of this type on the Costa da Morte and dates from the 19th century. Currently works automatically, although until few years on a lighthouse keeper was in charge of the task. Nearby you can find remains of what was the Hermitage of Santa Mariña, which according to legend, was attacked by the Normans.

Another great attractions of the Sisargas is the flora and fauna that lives within. The steep terrain, full of cliffs and the constant winds characteristic of the area, drew a landscape without almost arboreal species and in which different endemic species of Galician northwest are found. The richness of the fauna that can be found in the Sisargas Islands is especially given by ornithology, since it functions as a path for migratory species. In fact, it was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds in the Natura 2000 Network. Visiting the islands you can see cormorants and different species of gulls such as the kittiwake or the dark gull of the Sisargas.

Nowadays, to get to the Sisargas you have to access from private boats, for example those of companies that organize visits and maritime activities in the area. One of the most popular options is Buceo Malpica, which gives you the possibility to get to know the islands thanks to their boat transfers. They are currently organizing visits for tourist business owners of the Costa da Morte for free. Its idea is to publicize the service among businessmen in the area, so that they can then offer and recommend the experience among tourists. To register (maximum two people per company), you only have to contact Buceo Malpica to arrange the date.

Download here the Malpica Diving brochure about Illas Sisargas