Interplay reveals the program of the his professional day

Interplay reveals the program of the his professional day

Globomedia, 2 btube, Hitsbook and Infomix add to Flooxer ( Atresmedia), Mtmad ( Mediaset), Playz (RTVE Digital), CRTVG and Playground in the first professional day of the Carballo Interplay, that will celebrate the day 4 April like an appetizer of the Festival of Digital Contents, whose fifth edition will extend to long of all this first week of April.


The Carballo Interplay contrived, for his first Day Pro, a series of activities and spaces thought to connect to creators and creators with the main platforms, producing and media that are betting in the State by the digital contents of own creation. Also it will have the participation of representatives of the main associations of the sector in Galicia -as the Cluster of the Audiovisual, AGAG or BELIEVE IT- and directors and directors and programmers and programmers of festivals of state digital series and international. Today desvelamos the complete program and invite to the people interested in participating in this Mercadao Professional accredit, of free way, in the web of the festival: carballointerplay. com.


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