Interview with José Muíño, Mayor of Cabana de Bergantiños

Interview with José Muíño, Mayor of Cabana de Bergantiños

We continue with the interviews to the town councils with the Town Council of Cabana de Bergantiños. The town council of Cabana occupies part of the bottom of the estuary of Corme and Laxe, from Ponteceso to the eastern end of the beach of Laxe. 

Cabana, within the land of Bergantiños to which it belongs, is a balcony overlooking the estuary of Corme and Laxe, and looks out over the Costa da Morte. As well as being a coastal municipality, Cabana's land extends considerably inland. 

The main sources of wealth are fishing, agriculture and farming. Cabana's main tourist attractions are those provided by its coastal and inland scenery. From the monumental point of view, the Dolmen of Dombate and the Borneiro castro stand out. 

Today we show you the town hall from the point of view of José Muíño, Mayor of Cabana de Bergantiños. We leave you the best answers:

What feelings does Costa da Morte awake for you? What does it mean for you?

I suppose that since we are born there are places, vital spaces that activate our emotions, in a place like Costa da Morte where I can experience unique moments, walk, watch the sunset and contemplate the beauty of my ancestors, I feel charged with positive energy and alive.

It has so many meanings for me that I can't find anything that doesn't complete me.

Three reasons to discover it

The scenic beauty of our oak trees and valleys is combined with the charm of the small beaches, the enjoyment of our rich archaeological heritage (Dolmenes, Castros...) and I cannot forget an exceptional gastronomy made with the exclusive products that our land and sea offer us.

The reasons to visit are truly endless.

What time of the year do you like Costa da Morte the most and why?

Nobody can forget the fierceness of our sea in winter.

For tourists who come to visit you outside the summer season, what experiences should they not miss?

The traveller can enjoy the Castro A Cidá de Borneiro, the Torres de la Penela, our rugged coastline, small beaches, walk along paths, enjoy the ancestral songs and melodies sung by our popular musicians in the countryside and pilgrimages such as San Fins del Castro, Carme del Briño or Santa María del Remolino, glimpse our ethnographic and architectural heritage and climb our main peaks.

In addition to the Dolmen de Dombate, what other places or experiences are not to be missed?

A walk along the Esteiro del Anllóns.

You can also enjoy a wonderful natural phenomenon that leaves no one indifferent called Mar de Ardora.

On summer nights we can see how thousands of flashes of light illuminate the water surface of our blue beaches, even walking barefoot on the wet sand, we can see how thousands of flashes of light illuminate our steps ... it is impressive because the beauty of this phenomenon is not only in the water, but hidden in the background.

Galicia in general, and Costa da Morte in particular, are synonymous with good food, any recommendations of typical dishes to discover Cabana de Bergantiños through the palate?

Our fish, our seafood, our garden produce?

Some broad beans with clams, or Galician broth of turnips.

What do your visitors tell you? What do they love most about their stay in Cabana de Bergantiños? And about the Costa da Morte?

What visitors say and what we from Cabana are proud of is that we belong to a land that is convinced of its multiple attractions, without losing our essence and authenticity, showing how beautiful it is through its past and its future. Having an environment that combines the magical with reality, where land and sea merge in harmony in this corner of Galicia called Costa da Morte with remains of megalithic and castro cultures, the Dolmen of Dombate, the Castro of Borneiro, the Esteiro of Anllóns, along with the hospitality of the people are values that are always grateful to discover.

What are your three favourite beaches in Costa da Morte? Why those? And for surf lovers and other nautical-sports activities?

Living in a place with a lot of blue spaces makes me feel privileged, the beauty is undoubtedly something we have in the Costa da Morte: a more moderate heat, less crowded beaches, all this accompanied by a wild nature, fortunately the beaches in Cabanas are uncrowded, quiet and dreamy.

In the nautical-sports activities we have to achieve more development.

For the lovers of hiking... Which one do you recommend in your municipality and which is your favourite in Costa da Morte?

At the moment the Route of the Lighthouses is recognised all over the world for its beauty and in Cabana we have an Estairo, we have Heritage... in short, Costa da Morte in time.

What place do you think is the great unknown in Costa da Morte but has a great interest or potential?

The Anllóns River is the great unknown in Costa da Morte and its potential is enormous in fauna, flora, beauty and heritage value.

Where can we find the best sunset?

In Costa da Morte we have many places with the best sunset but the Estiro de Anllóns is one of my favourites. 

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