Interview with Margarita Lamela Louzán, Mayoress of Cee

Interview with Margarita Lamela Louzán, Mayoress of Cee

We continue with the interviews to the city councils with the City Council of Cee. The municipality of Cee overlooks the sea by three fragments of coast: the estuary of Lires in the northwest, the beach of Estorde in the Fisterran inlet and, from Cee itself to the inlet of Ézaro. 

Cee is the essential point on the Camino de Santiago to Fisterra as it belongs to the last stretch of the same, offers the entrance to the sea to the pilgrim. From a bird's eye view of San Pedro Mártir, in the parish of Pereiriña, the pilgrims have their first glimpse of the sea since leaving the Cathedral. 

Cee offers the tranquility and the comforts of a village accompanied by the services of any city.

Today we show you the town hall from the point of view of Margarita Lamela Vago, Mayoress of Cee. We leave you the best answers:

What feelings does Costa da Morte awaken for you? What does it mean to you?

As a place where I was born, where I live and work, Costa da Morte is something wonderful that I think should be put in value not only for those who visit us but also for its own inhabitants, since many of the things it treasures, for having them very close surely, we do not give them the true importance they deserve.

Three reasons to discover it

Its landscapes, its people and its rich heritage.

What time of the year do you like Costa da Morte the most and why?

Autumn and summer, for its colors, and for that special light that enhances even more the beauty of our land.

For tourists who come to visit you outside the summer season, what experiences should not be missed?

A visit to the Museum and gardens of the Fernando Blanco Foundation. Also a walk along our coastline allows a very different and surprising experience as it allows us to discover the true essence of Costa da Morte.

In addition to the Hermitage of San Pedro Mártir, what other places or experiences are not to be missed?

The environment of Gures and Caneliñas, the picturesque view from Ameixenda, a walk through the old town, the promenade of Cee, the mills of Toba, the beach of Estorde or the sunset of Lires? All of them, magical places to relax and escape from everyday reality.

Galicia in general, and Costa da Morte in particular, are synonymous with good food, any recommendations of typical dishes to discover Cee through the palate?

We are fortunate to have top quality raw materials and it would be very difficult for me to choose one. My recommendation to visitors who come to Cee is to take a walk through the municipal food market and there, in addition to being advised by the various professionals who are there, you can choose according to your tastes.

What do the visitors tell you? What do they like most about their stay in Cee? And about Costa da Morte?

Having all the services very close with the comfort and quality of life that this entails. Cee combines the services of a big city with the tranquility of rural life and that, no doubt, is much appreciated by our visitors. From your stay in Costa da Morte, the sea and the whole coastal area.

Your three favorite beaches in Costa da Morte, why those, and for lovers of surfing and other water sports activities?

The municipality of Cee has very different beaches but all with a special charm. I would highlight those of Gures, Estorde and Lires. The first for its tranquility, fine sand and crystal clear waters, the second for its domesticity, natural setting and for being a very comfortable place to enjoy the beach with the family and the third for its incomparable setting and the beauty of the sunsets that can be seen there. Next to the latter, the muxion beach of Nemiña is an ideal place for surfing, while for other nautical activities I would recommend the beach of La Concha, in the town of Cee, for all the amenities it has to offer.

For those who love hiking... Which one do you recommend in your municipality and which is your favorite in Costa da Morte?

The route that goes from Brems to Ameixenda, the route through Toba, the routes of the Camino Xacobeo as it passes through Cee (the first window to the sea), the well-known path of the Lighthouses as it passes along the coast of Lires...., allow you to enjoy spectacular scenery and a rich ethnographic and artistic heritage. In Costa da Morte there are plenty of alternatives but I would stay with the coast of Cee from Brens to Gures, through Ameixenda, in this place we have one of the most impressive panoramic views of Costa da Morte in which you can see Cape Fisterra in the background, Mount Pindo that seems to want to rush into the sea and the Lobeiras Islands and the Carrumeiros in the center.

Without being Cee, I prefer Monte do Pindo and the impressive coast of Carnota, any corner of the coast is beautiful.

What place do you think is the great unknown in Costa da Morte but has a great interest or potential?

Undoubtedly, the parish of Ameixenda that includes Gures and Caneliñas. I think it hides a rich historical and artistic heritage and enjoys privileged views over the estuary and Cape Fisterra.

Where do we find the best sunset?

Every corner of our coast is unique and they all have something special. The important thing is what each of these places brings to the visitor. For me, it is Lires that special corner, in this case.

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