Marketing and Commercialization of active and sport tourism activities.

Marketing and Commercialization of active and sport tourism activities.

Why Costa da Morte tourism professionals can not miss the course?

- Because active and sports tourism is a growing market niche, which is already among the three main reasons to travel between foreign tourists visiting Spain, generating annual revenues of 12,500 million euros. Both sporting events and sports activities most practiced during holiday periods have a significant economic impact on the territories in which they are developed; It also has two characteristics of special interest for the entire tourism sector: tourist athletes have a longer average stay than conventional tourists, and it is also a clearly seasonal tourism. And Costa da Morte, due to its privileged natural resources, presents great possibilities for development in this field, as evidenced by the growth in the quantity and quality of activities and events organized in recent years, and the participation and impact that are achieving. We will learn about successful examples and practical tools that will help us make better use of these activities and increase the attractiveness of these tourist segments, both at the company and destination levels.

What would you say to us, two teachers that will teach or course?

- Goodlife Consultants technicians have a solid background and experience in the field of tourism and sport, developing some of the main active and sports tourism products in Galicia, such as Gallicina Active Destiny, or surf tourism products Galicia Surf and Costa das Olas Jacobo Suárez, CEO of Goodlife, is an expert in sports tourism, with more than 20 projects in the field of creation of products and destinations in this field, as well as in the improvement of sectorial competitiveness; He also has 15 years of experience in the management of projects in public administration and in the drafting of laws and decrees in the tourist and sports field. For her part, Rita Rodríguez is a specialist in promotion-marketing, specifically in digital marketing for tourist destinations and products, and with experience in the management of active and sports tourism products, both as a consultant and in public administration. And, finally, María Mesías has been a consultant for more than 14 years in the tourism sector and technical expert of the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) in the area of national and international markets and demand; He specializes in tourism planning and competitiveness, design and implementation of products, and innovation and territorial and business improvement.

What do you think is doing well on the Costa da Morte in the course of your course?

- Costa da Morte is working hard to develop and position the geodestine as a destination for active and sports tourism in the natural environment, taking advantage of its exceptional resources for the development of economic and tourism activities around this niche, something that few destinations in Galicia is taking advantage today. And in addition, this is being done at all levels, both by the administration and private companies and by the associative fabric. That is why initiatives such as those being developed by the CMAT Tourism Association are so important, that they try to share all this work for the best tourist use by all destinations and generate sustainable economic opportunities for the territory.

Lets add some of the practical part of the course ...

- On the one hand, there will be a practical part at the individual level, since we will work with each participant in an individualized diagnosis and online advice to improve their marketing and marketing strategies, either at the company level or at the objective level. And, on the other hand, will work together in the creation of an active sports tourism campaign, focused mainly on taking advantage of sporting events that take place in the territory.

What will your students take to the course?

- A new perspective on the possibilities of active and sports tourism, and specific knowledge and practical tools to improve the promotion and commercialization of their destinations and activities.


María Mesías. Project Manager of Goodlife Consulting. 

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