Pindo Mountain

You cannot come to Carnota without visiting Monte Pindo. It rises like a giant straight from the sea to a height of 642m. This mysterious granite giant is the home to countless legends. It is also said that the Galician Celts worshipped the sun from Monte Pindo, making it their own Mount Olympus. There are many references to the mountain in Galician literature which has only served to increase its mythical status.

A tradition legend holds that the remains of Queen Lupa rest on the mountain, along with a priceless treasure which has been searched for countless times.

Erosion has carved many strange animal-like and human-like shapes into this granite monolith. These figures are given supernatural powers in local folklore. Just take a close look around and wonder at the rocks as they suddenly become giants, warriors, turtles, eagles and as many other creatures as your imagination desires.

Strolling through these places you can find examples of dwarf oak, a small shrub that rarely exceeds 1.5 m in height, with a tendency to grow horizontally.