Port and market of Malpica

Malpica is the largest inshore fishing port on the Costa da Morte. A fishing village with a long history, narrow, winding streets and the smell of the sea.

The village of Malpica is known for its harbour, the ideal place to watch the boats coming and going, surrounding by the cries of the gulls and the noise of the fish auctions. There is also many bars and restaurants where you can try the fish and seafood, fresh from the sea. In the XVII century it was an important whaling station but nowadays the catches offloaded are mainly inshore fish and shellfish. You can enjoy the maritime atmosphere of the village and watch as the fishermen repair the nets and offload their catches. There are many viewpoints where you can enjoy the exceptional views of the Artabro gulf and the Sisargas Islands.

Close to the port, in Casa del Pescador, the Museo Urbano Lugrís is a must visit. Here you will find murals by this surrealist painter which are deeply inspired by the sea. The maritime flora and fauna, the landscape and the legends of the sea are the major inspirations for this local artists works. A visit to the fish market is an interesting, instructive and curious experience. The most tasty fish and seafood are auctioned off in the traditional manner. A tradition which continues today, despite all the technological advances. Without doubt, the most viewed auction takes place at five in the afternoon when the boats offload a great variety of species on the dock.

The port in Malpica dates back to its origins as a whaling station in the XVII century. Today, it is one of the most important inshore fishing ports in Galicia. The boats are known as tarrafas, fishing boats of up to 50 tonnes which are used to catch mackerel and sardines. They fish at night from Laxe to Cariño using the old art of tarrafa - large nets of 550 x 90 m - to enclose the shoals of fish. From morning to night other, smaller boats come and go - day fishing boats which fish for crustaceans, cephalopods and white fish. They use a variety of techniques: pots, traps, nets and longlines. The main catches offloaded in Malpica include the following fish: sardines, mackerel, rays, catfish, haddock, sole, bream, octopus, spider crabs, sand crabs and percebes.