Recreational Area of Gabenlle

The riverside beach is in Gabenlle, in the parish of Torás, some 500 m from the municipal capital.

This rest zone, rich in nature, has all the amenities expected of a recreational area - picnic sites with tables and benches - both covered and open - barbecues, two childrens play areas, drinking water, toilets and a rubbish collection service. Pedestrian walkways connect the two zones of the area, separated by the Anllóns River.

It is a very popular spot in the summer and on sunny days during the rest of the year. As well as being a great picnic spot, it is a lovely place to walk along the banks of the Anllóns River or take a snooze under one the many shady trees. It is a great place to visit with the whole family.

The riverside walk, along the banks of the Anllóns River, starts from here. The path runs from Gabenlle to O Formigueiro and is over 2.5 km long and it is one of the most delightful walks you can take in the area of Bergantiños.