The Costa da Morte Quality Committee met to propose the SICTED certification of a total of 34 establishments in the destination.


The Costa da Morte Quality Committee met to propose the SICTED certification of a total of 34 establishments in the destination.

The proposal of the companies and services that passed Cycle 1 of implementation will be sent to the Committee of Distinction in Madrid, in order to achieve the SICTED distinction.

This year, rural accommodation, hotels, tourist flats, hostels, active tourism companies, tourist information offices, museums, interpretation centres and a spa were certified, with the intention of opening the next call to these and other subsectors.

ZAS. 10/11/2023. The Costa da Morte Tourism Association (CMAT), with the support of Turismo de Galicia and the A Coruña Provincial Council, held a Quality Table for the destination this Wednesday at the Baio Sociocultural Centre, led by the president of the table and of the CMAT, Manuel Muíño, in which the proposal for the certification of 34 establishments by the Tourism Quality System in Destination, known as SICTED, was presented. This is a project of the Secretary of State for Tourism (Setur), with its own methodology, which helps to implement a quality management system with local public and private tourism agents, who obtain a distinctive Commitment to Tourism Quality while becoming part of the network of Spanish SICTED destinations.

A total of 34 entities of the Costa da Morte completed this Cycle 1 of 2023: 9 rural accommodations; 8 hotels and tourist flats, 2 hostels, 2 active tourism companies, 6 tourist information offices, 6 museums and interpretation centres; and a spa.

The training, assessment and evaluation process, which began last June, was carried out by the company Autoxiro, and its director, Emilio Cuíñas, presented the results at the Quality Committee of the Costa da Morte, which is part of the CMAT Board of Directors, in which Manuel Muíño, María Lema, Pepe Formoso, José Muíño and Damián Álvarez were present; the SICTED manager of the destination, Marta Rodríguez; Turismo de Galicia and the Diputación de A Coruña, represented on this occasion by the technicians Enrique P. Etcheverría and Silvia Pérez, respectively. The Quality Committee was in charge of raising the certification proposal of the 34 establishments, analysing the participation, commitment and compliance with the SICTED requirements of each one of them.

These 34 entities are distributed throughout the territory of the Costa da Morte in a balanced way, which was one of the objectives, and the private companies are partners of the CMAT through APTCM (Association of Tourist Entrepreneurs of the Costa da Morte), looking for that associative union so necessary to continue consolidating the destination of the Costa da Morte.

"In addition to raising the level of quality of tourist services on the Costa da Morte, the SICTED is serving as a tool for creating a destination, contributing to the rapprochement and networking of tourism professionals in the area, to a better knowledge of the tourist offer and to the promotion of new opportunities for collaboration", emphasises Manuel Muíño, President of the CMAT.

The entities that passed this Cycle 1 of implementation and are certified in the Committee of Distinction that will be held in Madrid in December, will obtain the Tourism Quality Commitment distinctive and will pass directly to Cycle 2 in the next year. Each implementation cycle has an estimated duration of one year and includes training on methodology, customer service, best practices and legislation, among others, as well as individual advice on quality, design and implementation of improvement plans, and group workshops to resolve doubts and address issues of interest to the destination. This year, dynamic workshops were held so that the member establishments could learn first-hand about tourism initiatives linked to the certification of the Costa da Morte as a Starlight Tourist Destination.

This project, supported by the Provincial Council of A Coruña through aid to tourism management bodies, is intended to continue and to bring together all the agents involved, so that next year the call will be opened to other sub-sectors, in order to gradually incorporate the entire value chain of tourism on the Costa da Morte.




ANNEX: List of entities and services to be proposed to the Committee of Distinction for certification of the Tourism Quality Commitment seal:


  1. Centro de Interpretación de los Muíños de Agua, A Laracha
  2. Oficina de Turismo de Caión, A Laracha
  3. Casa de Verdes Turismo Rural, Cabana de Bergantiños
  4. Turismo Rural El Sastre de Años, Cabana de Bergantiños
  5. El Mar de Preciosa, Camariñas
  6. El Refugio del Náufrago, Camariñas
  7. Balneario de Carballo
  8. Casa Rural Mar de Queo, Carballo
  9. Oficina de turismo de Carballo
  10. Hotel Faro de Lariño, Carnota
  11. Oficina de Información Turística de Carnota
  12. As Eiras Hotel, Cee
  13. Atlantis Adventure, Cee
  14. Oficina Información Turística Municipal de Cee
  15. Museo de la Patata de Coristanco
  16. Kayak Ézaro, Dumbría
  17. Oficina Información Turística El Ézaro – Dumbría
  18. Hotel Bella Fisterra
  19. Hotel Semáforo de Fisterra
  20. Museo del Mar de Laxe
  21. Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Laxe
  22. Hotel Playa de Laxe
  23. Casa de la Vasca, Malpica de Bergantiños
  24. Centro de Artesanía y Tradición (CAT), Malpica de Bergantiños
  25. La de Loló Alojamiento con encanto, Muxía
  26. Albergue Bella Muxía
  27. Apartamentos Touriñán Mar, Muxía
  28. Casa Castiñeira, Muxía
  29. Casa de Trillo, Muxía
  30. La Casa del Canal, Vimianzo
  31. Casas de la Fuentecilla, Vimianzo
  32. Castelo de Vimianzo
  33. Hotel Rústico Casa del Viento, Zas
  34. Torres do Allo, Zas



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