The photo tender with movile phone "Enfoques do Allo" comes back

The photo tender with movile phone "Enfoques do Allo" comes back

After the success of participation reached the year happened with this activity, with more than three hundred instantaneous received, the City council of Zas reedits the contest also in this 2018. The II Contest of Photography with the Mobile "Enfoques do Allo" opened this past Sunday 1st of July the term of reception of photographies that will conclude on 20 August.

To participate in the contest simply is necessary to send the photos to the post enfoques@torresdoallo.gal, of a maximum of 10 MB of size each one, beside the personal data and telephone. The jury will do a selection of ten finalists that better represents the values patrimoniales and aesthetic of the Torres do Allo and his outline, as well as the use of own resources of the mobile telephones. These finalists will be published in the social networks Facebook and Instagram so that they are his own users the one who decide the winning photography of this year.

The prizes are the delivery of a trophy and supporting diploma, the gift of his photography in physical format, and a prize in metallic of 100 euros for the winner, 75 euros for the second qualifier, and 50 euros for the third finalist. The bases of the contest can consult in www.torresdoallo.gal.

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