The raid horses return to the roads of Mazaricos

The raid horses return to the roads of Mazaricos

Next Saturday, October 6th, at nine in the morning, the riders will go back through the paths of Mazaricos. The third edition of the Equestrian Raid returns to the City Hall. Again curious people can approach the Picota multipurpose to contemplate the use of water and massages dispensed with the horses to reduce their pulsations. The test scores for the Copa Federación Hípica Galega.

Equestrian raid is a discipline in which the speed, ability and physical and psychological resistance of the horse and rider is tested, since both must travel long distances in one day, through the most diverse lands and against time. For the previous the rider must have the ability to measure the effort of his horse and take a suitable pace during the test, when finalizing a race to the horse the beats take him and if they are on the allowed one, the rider is eliminated.

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