The Stone of O Brazal (O Cabalgada)

This is a large lump of granite which can be found on Monte O Brazal on the western side of the path heading south from O Logoso, bordering the castro of the same name. The rock is one of the few capricious monuments of nature that has remained intact over millions of years, enduring a multitude of natural abuses such as rain, wind, earthquakes, etc., as well as some other by man, maintaining a stable equilibrium to the present day.

This 2m radius, semi-spherical rock, weighing over 150 tonnes, balances on the granite rock beneath with a contact area of just 0.5 m radius. Its centre of gravity coincides with the tangent point of both rocks, the main axis for its equilibrium. On its upper face, there are three cylindrical sinkholes, carved out by the erosion of the wind and rain.The largest of them is 48 cm deep and 80 cm wide and it can hold water during almost the entire year. On top of the main rock there is also a small, freestanding stone. There used to be two but one has fallen to the ground.

The rocks can be found close to the Fisterra-Muxía path of the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James). Also, Joaquim Rodríguez “Purito”, the winner of the 12th stage of the 2012 Vuelta a España which finished at the O Ézaro Mirador, was presented with a trophy which was a replica of this rock.