The Way to Fisterra- Muxía with Correos

The Way to  Fisterra- Muxía with Correos

Correos promotes The Way to Fisterra and Muxía with an illustrated map and edited in several languages. This route of the Way of Santiago has to the capital of Galicia no like destination, if no like starting point to the cape Fisterra and the Sanctuary gives Virxe da Barca de Muxía. The Codex Calixtino signals that disciples of the Apostle travelled to Dugium, current Fisterra, in research of the roman permission to be able to bury it in Compostela. Already in the 9th century, when it discovered the sepulcro, a lot of pilgrims continued his trek until the Costa da Morte.

In Muxía, the Sanctuary of To Virxe da Barca melts with the rocks and the mar. The tradition explains that the virgin arrived to the place in a boat of stone to give him spirits to the Apostle in his predication. Go to Santiago to Fisterra are 4 stages. Can finalise there or realise a 30 kilometres more until Muxía. The parallel option reduces the trip in 1 day, but does not go through Corcubión: go to Santiago to Muxía in 3 days and from here go down to Fisterra. If you want to enjoy to the maximum of the experience, leave you a map with 10 things that do (and not doing) in your Way to Fisterra and Muxía.
The route every year is more popular, thanks to his diverse appeals and the main inducement to finalise the Way seeing the horizon of the Atlantic. The famous Costa da Morte, baptised like this by the multiple shipwrecks become in his waters, conserves his beauty and many of the legends that did it popular and feared along the centuries: a maritime wid band, of cliffs and swell, with which is difficult to compete in beauty.


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