Towers of the Garlic will open all days from this Friday 15th of June

Towers of the Garlic will open all days from this Friday 15th of June

It begins the high season in the first pazo of Galicia. From this Friday 15 of June and tie the 15 of September, the monument of the City council of Zas will open all days. Monday to Friday the schedule will be of 11:00 of the morning to 20:00 of the afternoon; and the Saturday and Sunday will remain opened tie the 21:00 hours. There will be guided visits to everybody all the days at 13:00  to 17:00 that will have a length approximated of 50 minutes and in the that will be able to know the complete history of the pazo since the century XV to actuality, and visit the full surroundings of charms how the Centenary Oak grove of Vítor López-Seoane, the chapel of  San Pedro do Allo, the Miracle fountain of  Ramón, the Houses of Curros and pombal,ect...

By it was little, the final of month starts a surprising initiative for visits the Towers of an altogether different way. The Pazo do Allo converts in an enormous "Get away Room", a game to realize in groups and under reserves in the that will have to find the way to get away of the pazo in an extreme time. A proposal stop the people  where will know places of the Torres do Allo  that no can access in a normal visit. The activity is altogether free, for groups of amongst 2 and 10 people, and to reserve a day in concrete simply there is that write a post to info@torresdoallo.gal.

Besides, the 1 of July starts also the II Contest of Photograph with the Mobile "Enfoques do Allo" with prizes in metallic stop the three better and more voted photographs. After Success of participation of the previous edition hope that they are a lot of the people that attach to the Towers to attract the beauty of the monument and of the nature. They Will go back also along the period estival the already classical visits teatralizadas with the Quinquilláns. An activity stop all the family to the that sums also the Game of Tracks to do a different route by the pazo that needs of the collaboration of the kids.

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