Training module on basic and advanced English

Training module on basic and advanced English

Why do Costa da Morte tourism professionals miss the course?

- Because without communication there is no sale and English is today the universal language. Given a more varied travel profile every day, acquiring basic English notions adapted to our business is a tool that is so basic and necessary as any other fundamental aspect of the hotel service

What would you say to us, two teachers who will teach or course?

- I am Paula Fraga, today I work as an official tourism guide of Galicia and have been related to the services sector for years. I am passionate about Galicia and its product and I do not want any professional to run out of words because before a client, we are ambassadors of our land.

What do you think is doing well on the Costa da Morte in the course of your course?

- With the progressive professionalization of the sector, today most of the hoteliers have basic notions of English and they are aware of the importance of a good translation in the menus or of how to communicate to sell. Knowing the weakest points and wanting to improve is the first and most important step towards achieving goals.

Lets add some of the practical part of the course ...

- Talk, talk and talk. In English and from minute one. There is no other way and besides it is possible even if it is the first time.

What will your students take to the course?

- A useful tool for your day-to-day life, being sure that you are able to communicate in English and an empowerment for a service that before the course was almost impossible and frustrating.


Paula Fraga. Octopus to the party.

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