Vimianzo and Laxe together to the first time at the Penedos of Pasarela and Traba

Vimianzo and Laxe together to the first time at the Penedos of Pasarela and Traba

The Friday 1 of June to the 20.00 hours in the Museum of the Sea of Laxe, round table titled "An impulse to the plan of preservation of the Crags of Pasarela and Traba". The touristic project relaxese 2018 devotes this second quarter of the year to boost the culture and the science through a series of activities with these thematic. One of the activities planned search to put in value of the macizo of the Crags of Runway and Fetter, already officially Declared Landscape Protected in the year 2009 by the Xunta de Galicia. With this reason, the Friday 1 of June to the 20.00 hours, there will be a round table in the Museo do Mar of Laxe.

They Will take part the Mayor of the City council of Laxe, José Manuel Mouzo, the Councillor of Tourism of Laxe, Xosé Manuel Pose, the Mayor of Vimianzo, Manuel Antelo Pazos, the writer and historian Xosé María Read it to me, the journalist Juan Ventura Side, and also the catedrático Augusto Pérez Alberti, redactor of the report that propelled the declación official eat Landscape Protected. The objective is not another that transmit the feeling put Crags, from distinct points of view; it of the political leaders of Laxe and Vimianzo, it of the associative power through the initiatives of the Seminar of Local Studies, it of the social repercussion and in the media, and it of the technical knowledge.

What intends is unified objective and plans of work go in the City councils of Laxe and Vimianzo, to remember that it Xunta de Galicia has for fulfilling two commitments that purchased in the year 2009 with the official declaration awarded to the Crags, and of the that tie the moment at all did :

  • The first of them is the approval of the Plan of Preservation of the Landscape Protected.
  • And the second is the manufacture of the Plan of Action stop the protection, management and ordination of the Crags of Runway and Fetter. In the that have to contemplated also the measures stop the maintenance, improvement, recovery and regeneration of this Landscape Protected.

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