The complete experience of Alvientooo on the Costa da Morte, now available on your blog


The complete experience of Alvientooo on the Costa da Morte, now available on your blog

You can already read in the Alvientooo blog -and in the links that we share below- the summary of the trip that he made a few days ago through the Costa da Morte as part of the activities scheduled for 2020 by the CMAT as the managing entity of the Costa da geodestination Death. This project was carried out thanks to the agreement signed with Turismo de Galicia to promote tourist destinations.

Alberto Ribas, the blogger, appreciates the collaboration of the associated establishments and the town councils, both fundamental pillars of the development of a very complete itinerary adapted to all audiences and tastes.


Traditional and deep


artesania en Costa da Morte

If you want to know more about the Costa da Morte in a deeper way and linked to the traditions that have accompanied us for centuries, we recommend you read our guide:  https://www.visitacostadamorte.com/ga/cmat/descargate-guia-costa-da-morte/tradicional 



Sailor character


fotos de Finisterre

On the Costa da Morte we are strongly linked to the sea, in its trades, in gastronomy, in sports activities ... Dont miss our guide: https://www.visitacostadamorte.com/ga/cmat/descargate-guia-costa-da-morte/marinero 



Magical and spiritual


faro de Punta Nariga

Mysticism, sun worship, the Camino de Santiago, dolmens ... Take a look at our "Magical and spiritual" guide to complete the information in the Alvientooo posthttps://www.visitacostadamorte.com/ga/cmat/descargate-guia-costa-da-morte/magic 

Naturally wild


Marismas de Baldaio

If you want to know more about wild beaches, reservoirs, hiking trails ... Click here: https://www.visitacostadamorte.com/ga/cmat/descargate-guia-costa-da-morte/salvaje 


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