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The complete experience of Alvientooo on the Costa da Morte, now available on your blog


You can already read in the Alvientooo blog -and in the links that we share below- the summary of the trip that he made a few days ago through the Costa da Morte as part of the activities scheduled for 2020 by the CMAT as the managing entity of the Costa da geodestination Death. This project was carried out thanks to the agreement signed with Turismo de Galicia to promote tourist destinations.


50 routes to walk the Costa da Morte for all tastes


As part of the activities designed to enhance the natural resources of the Costa da Morte, and with it, the Naturally Wild character of the territory, the CMAT is working on the collection of hiking trails in the 16 municipalities that make up the geodestination. It counts for such work with the collaboration of the consultancy specialized in tourism Autoxiro, that is carrying out the tasks of selection of the routes, description and graphic documentation of each one of them.


A new look at the professionals who give life to the Costa da Morte thanks to Raul Lorenzo


The photographer and audiovisual producer of the Costa da Morte, Raul Lorenzo, is immersed in an interesting project to "face" hoteliers and other workers linked to the world of tourism in the geodestiny Costa da Morte. During these weeks, Lorenzo is touring the establishments that are part of the association Professional Association of the Tourism Sector of the Costa da Morte (APTCM) to portray and interview them "in their midst." The aim of the initiative is to focus on the people who make up the business fabric of the 16 municipalities that make up the CMAT.


Travel blogger Alberto Ribas begins his journey along the Costa da Morte


As part of the activities scheduled by the managing body of the geodesic Costa da Morte CMAT in 2020, carried out thanks to the agreement with Turismo de Galicia dedicated to the promotion of geodestinations, a tourism promotion project was initiated through the eyes of professional bloggers. More specifically, it will feature the participation of professional travel blogger Alberto Ribas, behind the Alvientooo project.


CMAT signs an agreement thanks to the financing of Tourism in Galicia to promote experiences on the Costa da Morte through tourist packages


Thanks to the Tourism of Galicia budget that was approved this week, the CMAT will carry out a plan to promote the establishments of the Costa da Morte through the sale of experiential packages. Cultural, gastronomic, active tourism experiences and the best accommodation in the area with guaranteed security measures, that is the proposal of the managing body of the geodestination to revitalize.


Galicia, rural and safe tourism. Reflections on World Tourism Day in the face of an uncertain year


This September 27 we celebrate World Tourism Day again and Costa da Morte does so by positioning itself as a safe destination for all the people who dare to visit it, as highlighted this week by the first vice president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda , in a meeting with the board of the Galicia Tourism Cluster.


Success in the presentation of the manuals for the prevention for the COVID-19 of the tourist sector of the Xunta de Galicia


Yesterday the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo of the Xunta de Galicia presented through a webinar the manuals for prevention of the COVID-19 for the touristic sector with great success of assistance. More than a thousand people followed the presentation yesterday via streaming and Youtube  - where you can currently view the video It consisted of the intervention of the experts who advised in the elaboration of the manuals and, later, a round of questions in for the professionals of the Galician tourism


Xunta de Galicia: Plan to reactivate the cultural and tourist sector

Here you can read the plan that the Xunta de Galicia is going to implement to reactivate tourism in the territory in this new scenario that the crisis of COVID-19 has left us with:


The CMAT Board of Directors meets to assess the situation in Costa da Morte touristic sector and reform the 2020 strategy


The Board of CMAT met today thanks to technology to plan and prepare decision-making on the changes to be implemented in geodestination management during 2020, where the focus of work will be on people.

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Free courses for tourism professionals in Costa da Morte


Within the framework of the aids of Deputación da Coruña for 2019, different projects and activities are being organized that aim to achieve greater skills of the tourist sector. Once again, Costa da Morte contemplates the development of a free Training Program for professionals, with the objective to specialize the destination in three main pillars of tourism: English, marketing and gastronomy.

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#StayatHome: Costa da Morte literature tour


Costa da Morte can be known through many of its attractions: the gastronomy, its festivals and pilgrimages, the legends surrounding it ... and also through literature. From cantigas to today poetry, many writers have passed through our land to be inspired, to tell stories and to leave their mark on the collective culture of the Costa da Morte.


Important information: Scrolls during the Coronavirus alert


Because of the situation created by COVID-19, the European and Spanish health authorities, as well as the different administrations, recommend restricting trips that are not essential. Furthermore, as a preventive measure, events and activities were canceled or postponed until the situation will stibilize