A new look at the professionals who give life to the Costa da Morte thanks to Raul Lorenzo


A new look at the professionals who give life to the Costa da Morte thanks to Raul Lorenzo

The photographer and audiovisual producer of the Costa da Morte, Raul Lorenzo, is immersed in an interesting project to "face" hoteliers and other workers linked to the world of tourism in the geodestiny Costa da Morte. During these weeks, Lorenzo is touring the establishments that are part of the association Professional Association of the Tourism Sector of the Costa da Morte (APTCM) to portray and interview them "in their midst." The aim of the initiative is to focus on the people who make up the business fabric of the 16 municipalities that make up the CMAT.

Hoteliers, owners of hotel establishments, services, active tourism activities… the initiative was very well received by them, who opened the doors to their establishments to be portrayed professionally. In the same way, the vast majority were delighted to "pose" in a fun and entertaining way that, without a doubt, represents the friendly and welcoming spirit of the tourism professionals of the Costa da Morte.

This project thus complements a series of initiatives organized by the CMAT to promote local and quality tourism, always ensuring the appropriate safety and hygiene measures. In this line, we talked a few days ago about the trip that is making the blogger specializing in tourism Alvientoo that is traveling along the Costa da Morte with the intention of making known between his followers the territory. Also part of the action plan for this 2020 is the development of tourist packages on behalf of Naturmaz Viaxes, and that in the coming days will materialize in a complete draw on social networks by CMAT.

This initiative, which is part of the activities proposed by the managing body of the geodestination in this 2020, is possible thanks to the agreement signed with Turismo de Galicia for tourism promotion.


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